If you struggle with overwhelm with all you have to do,

a) you’re not alone, and

b) you’re in the right place.

Watch the video below where I explain who I am and, most importantly, how I can help you be a more productive version of yourself.


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Hi, I'm Mark Struczewski. Also known as Mister Productivity. And I'm obsessed with helping you become a more productive version of yourself.

And a big part of improving your productivity is dealing with overwhelm.


In a recent global survey, it was discovered that 14% of the 2,957 people queried felt chronically overwhelmed. At the end of a busy day, they felt drained.

What are some of the sources of overwhelm?

  1. your thoughts and emotions
  2. a growing to-do list
  3. a looming deadline for a project
  4. lack of training
  5. committing to too much
  6. an inability to saying no
  7. lack of time
  8. inefficient time management

How much is overwhelm costing your health (vitality, mindset, physical fitness), relationships, or job performance?

WHAT IF you were able to reduce the feeling of overwhelm and begin to experience peace, joy, and freedom?

How would that feel?

"Wait...I came to this site because I'm struggling with productivity. Why are you talking about overwhelm?"

When you remove or reduce overwhelm, you can be a more productive individual.

I've never coached a client who did not have some underlying overwhelm to deal with.

If you don't like the word overwhelm, what about "getting unstuck"?

It's the first step to you becoming your most productive self.

What is keeping you from being your most productive self?

I asked several people this question and here are some of what people said...

“Not being able to prioritize what's important. Wasting time on things not important. Not being accountable to anyone. Feeling overwhelmed.”

“Struggling with focus.”

“How to manage my time. Sometimes, I have no idea where my time goes. I remember I had one client who drove me nuts. And since I am not a productivity coach, I could not help her. Her life was chaotic. The thought of planning her day seemed foreign to her.”

Do you see yourself in those comments?

If your answer is yes, you're in the right place. Welcome!

It's my obsession to help you get what needs to be done (which is less than what you think) so you have time left over to have fun. 

Whether that's going on a trip, to the ball game, or just hanging out with your friends.

And that's what I teach my audiences to do. Whether that's via my Digital Productivity Coaching Program, my Basics of Productivity course, on The Mark Struczewski Podcast, or social media, it's my passion to help you be a more productive version of yourself so you get done what you need to get done and enjoy your life in the process.

Mark Struczewski


Kristie Ondracek

Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer at TXCPA Houston

Mark helped me identify my productivity roadblock.  I had attended a few of Mark’s webinars and implemented his ideas but I was still feeling unproductive.  During my first session with Mark, the roadblock was identified, and our sessions were spent on tools for me to use to move the roadblock out of the way and raise my productivity level.  These tools were easy to implement and has helped me get more projects done and feel productive again.  I also like the email sent after each session of to reply back with biggest takeaway from the session.  This helped enforce the action plan we discussed and kept the momentum going.  I appreciate the knowledge and encouragement Mark shared in each of our sessions.  These action plans are part of my daily game plan and has helped me keep on top of my task list.


Get the Top 5 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs!

No more guessing. No more trial and error. No more wondering. Learn how to be more productive starting today!