Hi, I'm Mark Struczewski. Productivity expert and online trainer.

I work with executives to help them gain control of their time by taming distractions so they can experience less overwhelm, feel a sense of freedom and enjoy their lives.

Let me ask you: what distractions are keeping you from being productive?

I've found that the five most common distractions are:

  1. Social media
  2. Email
  3. People
  4. Entertainment
  5. You (Mindset)

Distractions are a part of life. They've always been here and they're never going to go away. Everyone has to deal with them. Even high performers.

The good news is that dealing with distractions is not that difficult. There are proven strategies for taming them so that you can focus on what you need to be do.

And that's what I teach my audiences. Whether that is from the stage, on The Mark Struczewski Podcast, as a coach or on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube), it's my passion to help you be a more productive version of yourself so you get done what you need to get done and enjoy your life in the process.

Mark Struczewski

PROGRAMS by Mark Struczewski

"Mark has an amazing and infectious energy. I recall calling him from my car on a commute in to work and he really perked up my morning. After that call basically vetting him to speak for WCA I was pretty excited to see if this guy held up to those standards when he spoke for my group. Well today was the day that Mark spoke- I have to say he's the first speaker I have actually listened to and paid attention to- he held my interest for 40 minutes and I learned some valuable things that will assist with time management and he left our group wanting to hear more. Typically once it hits 1 it's like class is about to get out with other speakers but not the case today, everyone was still in their seats paying attention- sadly we hat to cut him off but this is the kind of speaker you want. Can't wait to get emails and listen to future podcasts from him and sign up for coaching!! A great experience all around. "

Dana Parker
Strategic Business Partner


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Are You Overwhelmed by Social Media?

Did you know that social media is designed to keep you watching, liking, commenting and scrolling...forever? If you're not careful, social media can and will steal hours of your life! But it doesn't have to be that way. Click the link below to watch a FREE video with 5 strategies for controlling social media right now.


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