5 Ways to Break Through Mindset Distractions

productivity Jun 18, 2019

Distractions are everywhere.

Social media.


Text/instant messaging.


Entertainment (television, video games, etc.)

Life (traffic, construction, dogs barking...the list goes on).

Distractions also come in many different flavors.

But a distraction you might not have thought about is the topic of this article: you or your mindset.

Yes, you could be getting in your own way of getting things done. Of being productive.

Here are FIVE ways your mindset is hampering your productivity and what to do about each.

Distraction #1: NEGATIVITY

Negativity is everywhere these days.

Complaining. Anger. Hatred.

The fact is: negativity affects your productivity more than you realize.

What to do

Intentionally begin to be more positive. Think positive thoughts, speak positive or edifying words to others and yourself.

Smile! It's difficult to be negative and smile.

Avoid being around negative people as much as you can.

Don't read negative stuff online or get involved in stuff that makes you feel bad online.


It's very easy to celebrate a big win. Landing a huge client, for example.

But big successes are fewer and further between than small ones.

That's why when you celebrate your small wins, it gets you motivated to keep it up and keep going.

What to do

An example here: if you're always late but then you show up on time (or even better, early), celebrate some way. Note: I'm not saying to go buy a new car or a boat but something small.

Embrace that feeling so you want to repeat it.

Consider making a game of it. See how many times you can show up on time. Get that streak large enough and you won't want to quit.

Distraction #3: NOT SCHEDULING "ME TIME"

You need to schedule time for you...to do things you like/want to do.

And when I say schedule, I mean you make an appointment on your calendar for you and do not ignore or cancel it. Consider it a critical appointment with your best client...which it is: yourself.

What to do

Stop procrastinating and schedule some "me time" right now as you read these words.


Everyone has a limit as to how long they can work before needing to take a break.

What is yours?

What to do

Determine your limit and then make a promise to yourself that you won't push past this limit no matter what.

Distraction #5: TRYING TO DO IT ALL

One of the exercises I give my clients is to track their time over two regular days.

I instruct them not to edit, judge, or rationalize what they write. Just write down what they did and how long it took them.

After the two days, I tell them to put their time tracker away for one day.

On the fourth day, they are to schedule time to review their tracker and next to each item write one of the following letters:

O - for anything that can be outsourced

D - for anything that can be delegated

A - for anything that can be automated

E - for anything that can be eliminated

Then, actually automate, delegate, outsource, and eliminate (the most difficult to do) those tasks.

What's left over...is what you should be doing. And nothing more.

What do to

Do the time tracking exercise I just described.

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