8 Ways to Be More Positive in 2022

positivity Jun 06, 2022
8 Ways to Be More Positive 2021

How's your positivity? 

What kind of grade would you give your positivity right now? Let's go old school on this; A, B, C, D, F, or incomplete? 

Think about it just for a second. 

Got it? 

Write this grade down somewhere to know where you are right now.

Positivity ebbs and flows. You'll have days when it's effortless to be positive. And you'll have days when negativity runs rampant. Positivity is a moving target.

You can't be positive by being reactive. 

Here are eight ideas on how to be more positive in 2022 and beyond.

Number one: focus on the good things. 

You may have heard the statement, "if it bleeds, it leads." This applies to social media and anywhere else you get your news. Negative things seem to get the most attention and engagement regardless of the platform.

Write down the good things you see, hear, or read every day. There is a lot of good happening all around you.

Number two: practice gratitude. 

Tip more than you usually do. Be friendly to the waitstaff. Help others without being asked. Engage in conversation when you're in line. Smile and thank the person who is helping you out.

Number three: keep a gratitude journal. 

It's essential that you write down what you're grateful for. Don't focus on the big things. Remember the small things you're grateful for too.

Number four: open yourself up to humor. 

I don't mean making fun of someone else. I once heard Tony Robbins say the fastest way to change your state from one that is negative to one that is positive is to do a big belly laugh. When's the last time you had a big belly laugh so hard that snot came out of your nose, and you almost peed your pants?

One of the best places to get a good belly laugh is from standup comics. I love Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Dry Bar Comedy.

Self-deprecating humor is okay, just don't use someone else as your target.

Number five: spend time with positive people. 

Spend less time with negative people and more with positive people. This includes in-person, social media, books, videos, and podcasts. 

Who are you hanging around? Are they positive or negative? Spend more time with positive people and less if they're negative.

Number six: practice positive self-talk. 

How often have you caught yourself saying things like, "I could never do this," or "What's the point? I'm a loser. I'm a jerk. I'm stupid. I can't figure it out." Stop saying the negative self-talk immediately. 

Instead, say positive things; "I'm awesome," "I'm a great person," "I'm a loving person," and "I can do it."

Number seven: identify your areas of negativity. 

Make a list of the negative people and things in your life, and spend less time with them. Even better, stop giving any of your time and attention to them.

Number eight: start every day on a positive note.

You have the most control of your day at the beginning of it.

First thing in the morning, after you wake up, you have a choice: how are you going to start the day? Are you going to start it excited or as something to dread?

Set yourself up for success by starting your day on a positive note. This may include reading the Bible, Quran, or inspirational or motivational.

It could also mean you go for a run or a walk. Or that you have breakfast with your family without technology.

Eight simple ways to be more positive in 2022 and beyond.

Which will you implement starting tomorrow?

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