9 Things You Didn’t Know About Mark Struczewski

about mark struczewski Aug 30, 2021
Mark Struczewski

In this post, I want to share a little bit more about me by sharing nine things you may not know about me.

Number one, I moved from Rochester, New York, down to Houston, Texas, in July of 1997. I say Rochester, New York, because I will be amazed if you have even heard of Rochester, New York. But I actually grew up in a little town called North Chili, New York. If you've heard of North Chili, let me know.

Number two, I was born blind in my left eye. The nerve did not develop between the eyeball and the brain. I have no vision and see no shadows. It's always interesting when I go to a new ophthalmologist, and they say, Okay, cover your right eye and tell me what you can see. I'm like, I can't see anything. Fortunately, my current ophthalmologist knows that, and he doesn't tell me to cover my left eye because there's no vision out of it.

Number three, I have run every day since August 29, 2017. Over the weekend of August 26-28, the Houston area was dealt a blow by hurricane Harvey. Some parts of Houston got 51 inches of rain! Fortunately, where my wife and I live, we're not near any bayous or reservoirs, so the worst we had was three or four feet of water in the streets, but our home did not flood. During the height of the storm, I read an article on RunnersWorld(.)com about how someone had run one mile a day, every day for 250 days. And I decided I could run a mile a day. And so, on August 29, 2017, I started. On Sunday, August 29, I celebrated my fourth running anniversary. And now I'm in year five.

Number four is I'm an only child. I think after my parents had me, they looked at me and they said, That's enough. He's a handful, no more. Being an only child was a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing because I got a lot of presents. It was a curse because if I broke something, I couldn't blame it on anybody else.

Number five, I am divorced and married to my current wife, Michelle, the co-host of our other podcast, Mark and Michelle Go Keto. I have two daughters from my first marriage. One sad thing is that is my oldest daughter broke off communications with me back in 2007. And I have not seen her in over 14 years.

This leads me to item number six. I'm a grandfather, but I've never met my granddaughter. Hopefully, God willing, we will be able to reconnect, and I'll be able to meet my granddaughter and my daughter. And by the way, I am a proud Polish American, and I look forward to my grandchildren calling me Jaja, which is Polish for grandfather. 

Number seven, I am an evangelical Christian, also known as a biblical Christian. I believe the Bible is 100% the true truth of God. It is without error. I also believe that Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God, and He loves every one of us. 

Number eight, my favorite music in the world, is anything Hillsong. So Hillsong UNITED, Hillsong Worship, Hillsong Young, and Free. It's biblically based.; in fact, every lyric from every song Hillsong writes has to be approved by Hillsong Senior Pastor Brian Houston. I also love Christian hip hop. If you've never heard of Christian hip hop, it's just hip hop music, but instead of rapping about secular things, it's rapping about righteous things like Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I love that bass beat of Christian hip hop.

And the ninth thing is that I love Snapchat! Yes, I am on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and LinkedIn. I know people think Snapchat is dead, but every time I check the trending apps in the App Store on my iPhone, Snapchat is in the top five. If you're on Snapchat, you can follow me. You can actually follow my public profile. This means I don't see your stuff, but you can see my stuff. Did you know I absolutely love Snapchat? LOL

How many of these things did you not know?

Let me know!

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