How to Manage Your Time time management Nov 29, 2021

You've no doubt heard, what gets scheduled gets done.

In this article, I will give you strategies to plan your time effectively so what you need to get done gets done.

Let's start with the fact that there is no perfect plan. Life will happen. You could dutifully plan your time, and then the internet or your power goes out, or someone gets sick.  But just because life happens is not an excuse for you not to plan. When your plan goes awry, take a deep breath, and go on the best you...

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9 Distractions That Are Killing Your Productivity distractions productivity Nov 22, 2021

If I asked you to list all the distractions that are killing your productivity, you would find it horrifying because you are distracted way more than you think. Many distractions are happening behind the scenes without you being aware of them.

Here are nine distractions you deal with every day, along with some ideas on coping with each.

Distraction number one: Email.

Email is not going anywhere. I always ask people who think it is, How do you log into Facebook? Or YouTube? Or Instagram? With...

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3 Productivity Myths Busted productivity Nov 15, 2021

What do you believe about productivity that is keeping you from being the most productive version of yourself?

In this article, I will bust through three common myths when it comes to productivity.

Myth #1: being busy is being productive.

You can be busy and be productive, but it doesn't mean you're being productive just because you're busy. Think about this: how many times have you been busy doing something? Maybe you're looking at your email, scrolling through social media, or...

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How to Get Things Done When You're Overwhelmed overwhelm overwhelmed Nov 08, 2021

If you're feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do, and maybe you're pulling your hair out (something I can't relate to because I don't have any hair), I'm going to share solid strategies for how you can truly get things done when you're overwhelmed.

Tip #1: Stop.

Stop. You're trying to do so many things for your business, your colleagues, your customers, your family, and you're going seemingly non-stop. To what end?

You are heading toward burnout. I get it; you've...

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4 Ways to Improve Remote Working Productivity productivity remote work Oct 17, 2021

How can you be productive when working from home?

It doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneur or if you work from home for a company, there are things that you can do to be productive working from home.

Number one, have a dedicated space.

If you're fortunate to have a spare bedroom, that could be your work office. Or if you have kiddos at home but they're in school during the day, perhaps you can commandeer their room as your temporary office.

Having a dedicated space puts you...

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Why You Shouldn't Plan planning productivity Oct 09, 2021

For the longest time, I have been telling you to tell your time where to go instead of wondering where it went.

This is how I approach planning.

Don't go through life.

Don't go through your day.

Don't go one more hour reactively.

Instead, live proactively.

But I want you to ignore that information for right now.

Are you may be saying to yourself, Wait a minute, what are you telling me? Are you telling me not to plan?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you not to do.

Here's why: the...

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The Case Against Productivity productivity Sep 26, 2021

I can't help but wonder what you're thinking right now.

Is it something along the line of, "Is this article about the case against productivity being written by a productivity expert ?"

Why, yes, it is.

No, I haven't lost my mind or my way.

While I think that productivity is a beautiful thing (of course!), I also think it's okay to be downright lazy sometimes. 

Please don't forget to read that last word: sometimes.

Let me elaborate.

In the 1980's horror flick, The Shining,...

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How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Productivity Tool productivity Sep 23, 2021

Do you remember when no one carried a cell phone with them because...they weren't even invented yet?

If you do, please send me a message and let me know.

According to Wikipedia, the first handheld mobile phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973, using a handset weighing 4.4 pounds!

Now, 48 years later, cell phones are as ordinary as, well, the people who use them.

Unfortunately, like all technology, this incredible device can be both a blessing...

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How to Manage Expectations expectations productivity Sep 21, 2021

If you don't have expectations, you can't manage the expectations.

Expectations are critical.

They serve you and your clients, prospects, friends, and family.

If they even have expectations, most people keep them in their heads, and they haven't told anybody what their expectations are.

Do you have expectations that are only in your head? That you've never let anybody know about? When others don't meet your expectations, do you get upset?

Here are some ideas about setting expectations.

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How to Keep Your Brain Healthy brain-based wellness Sep 19, 2021

Not too long ago, I posted a video on Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok about the importance of exercising your brain. But that was only a 60-second video. And so I started thinking I had to more information.

I found an excellent article written by Harvard Health Publishing Harvard Medical School about improving your brain health which I was fascinated by where they gave several ideas on how you can keep your brain young.

It doesn't matter what age...

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Why I Love Snapchat snapchat Sep 13, 2021

Hi, my name is Mark Struczewski, I'm a 56-year-young solopreneur, and I love Snapchat.

In a world where we have a seemingly endless choice of social media platforms, why in the world would I want to be on Snapchat?


I'll elaborate on that in a moment but first, understand that Snapchat is not the only platform I am on. You can find me on LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram. I have a Facebook profile, page, and group, but I'm not active there. And don't...

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Simple Ways to Deal with Overwhelm overwhelm Sep 13, 2021

Overwhelm is the number one thing people come to me for help.

I have never had a client come to me and say, "Mark, I want to be more productive. How can I be more productive?"

That's never happened.

They say, "Oh, my goodness! My to-do list keeps growing and growing and growing and growing, and it's scary to look at."

Some people have told me, "You know what? I don't even look at my to-do list anymore. What's the point? Because it's so unmanageable because there are so many things on the...

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