What Choice are You Making? choices Sep 04, 2021

What choice are you going to make today?

Life is a series of choices.

Life is a series of making the right decisions and you won't always make the right decision. But if you want to go forward, if you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to make the right choices.

How do you make the right choices?

Hang around the right people.

Study the right people.

Read the right books.

Attend to right webinars.

You attend the right conferences.

Because every day you live is proof of whether...

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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Mark Struczewski about mark struczewski Aug 30, 2021

How well do you know me, Mister Productivity?

Here are nine things about me that you probably didn't know (until now

Number one, I moved from Rochester, New York, down to Houston, Texas, in July of 1997. I say Rochester, New York because I will be amazed if you have even heard of Rochester, New York. But I actually grew up in a little town called North Chili, New York. If you've heard of North Chili, let me know.

Number two, I was born blind in my left eye. The nerve did not develop...

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Honest Talk About Your Goals goals Aug 28, 2021

Let's talk about goals.

Not so much about setting goals. You already know you should have goals, goals that mean something to you. If you work for a company, you'll probably have goals from your superiors. 

Don't keep your goals in your head. Take them out of there and put them onto paper. Yes, paper. And not only that, I want to encourage you to write out goals twice every day. That's 730 times a year. Think about what doing that will do to your life!


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How Running Every Day Makes Me More Productive motivation productivity Aug 27, 2021

Over the weekend of August 25th to 28th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey dropped an incredible 51" of rain on Houston, Texas.

During the storm, I happened across an article on Runner's World's website along the lines of "What I learned from running at least one mile every day for 250 days."

After reading it, I remember thinking to myself, "I could run a mile a day."

According to my records (because I'm a nerd like that), I ran off and on starting in 2015.

But certainly not daily.

As of March 29, 2022,...

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This is Why You're Not Productive productivity Aug 26, 2021

As a productivity coach, do you know what a single client has never said to me?

"Mark, how do I become more productive?"

I'm sorry, what was that?

It's true!

I've not had a single client even use the word productive, at least initially.

Still confused?

Let me explain.

Clients come to me saying that they are so overwhelmed. They explain how their to-do list seems to be an exercise in futility. Sort of like the Dead Sea - items go on it in order to die .

The villain that is preventing...

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It Seemed Like Yesterday life Aug 18, 2021

It seemed like yesterday.

On a hot and humid Houston morning in July 2005, I had gone to work just like I had the previous nearly four years.

I wish I could write that there was no indication about what was going to happen, but I knew.

It wasn’t hard to see the signs.

Then it happened.

I was fired.

Now what?

I went through the five stages of grief in mere days: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Acceptance was such a blessing.

That freed me.

I became an entrepreneur....

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Planners, Planners, and Planners...OH MY! productivity Aug 16, 2021

Planners, planners, and planners, oh my.

I get asked about planners all the time, "Mark, what planner should I use? Should it be paper? Should it be electronic?"

The main takeaway: use what works for you.

Paper versus electronic

I'm 56 years young, and I remember I was so excited when everything started going electronic. I loved it. I got ebooks and apps on my phone and my iPad, and my desktop. I was like, who needs paper?

Now, I have fallen back in love with paper. I love paper. I love...

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How to Take Your Life to a Whole 'Notha Level books motivation Aug 16, 2021

I like to read.

A lot.

In 2018 (the first year I started tracking the books I read), I read 43 books.

2019, 34.

And in 2020, 37.

In 2021, I read 45 books.

As much as I like reading, not all books are good. But a few are GREAT!

One great book I've listened to three times and have read twice is Grant Cardone's bestselling book, The 10X Rule (affiliate link).

Except for the Bible (the best book ever written), I've not read another book more than twice.

So, me consuming The...

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Why Time Management is Not Important time management Aug 14, 2021

According to Wikipedia, time management is "the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities."

And as a productivity expert and trainer, you may be confused by reading that I think time management is a waste of, dare I say it, time!

Yes, you did read that correctly.

I think that time management is not important.

Well, it's not as important as...doing the right things.

I believe that Pareto's Principle is alive and well in nearly...

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A Million Dollar (Or More) Idea Aug 12, 2021

I find it interesting how one little thing can lead to something unexpectantly pleasant.

Two stories

Recently, I attended a free Grant Cardone training during which he mentioned a show he was on called Undercover Billionaire on Discovery +. 

As a fan of Grant (who has taught me so much), I decided to check the show out.

After watching the first episode of the second season (the one where he is one of three billionaires featured), I realized that this wasn't a show.

It was a...

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Detours life Aug 10, 2021

I heard something in church recently that was so good, that I felt compelled to share it with you.

Dr. Ben Young preached an incredible sermon on life-altering events or what he referred to as LAEs (life-altering events)

He said that LAEs cause detours in our lives.

But we're not supposed to ignore these detours.


Because they’re there for a reason.

You have 3 choices when you experience an LAE and the subsequent detour, you have three options:

  1. Deny it’s there
  2. Allow...
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Over 900 Episodes (And Counting) podcast podcasting Aug 02, 2021

July 7, 2017, was 1,487 days ago.

That's the day I launched The Mark Struczewski Podcast to the world.

As of August 2, 2021, I've released 908 episodes.


Sixty-five percent of the episodes have featured interviews with some of the fascinating people on the planet Earth.

The podcast probably wouldn't be a thing had it not been for Gary Vaynerchuk.

In the Spring of 2017, I heard Gary say, "the future is going to be audio and voice...you need to start a podcast."

If you don't...

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