Are You Suffering From TMI?

overwhelm Jul 07, 2021
Are You Suffering From TMI?

Am I the only one suffering from too much information?




Membership sites.



Social media.

There's SO MUCH information out there, but while information is valuable, too much information can be a negative thing.

I believe that to best serve you as a productivity expert, I need to be a student first.

And that means always learning.

In fact, I spend a minimum of one hour every day (seven days a week) learning how to be better.


It IS possible to have too much information.

While I would never tell you or anyone else to stop learning, I would encourage you to maintain a balance between learning and doing.

Let me be open here and share about how it took me a while to get to where I am now.

Not in terms of my career as a productivity expert but in balancing learning and doing.

Please don't be a collector of information. Or, dare I say, a hoarder.

Learn with a purpose. Even if that purpose is to learn something you're interested in.

Too much information is rarely a good thing.

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