First Things First

productivity Sep 20, 2019

There is a lot to becoming more productive. So much so that you may be paralyzed by the thought of learning how to do what you need to do in order to get more things done.

In this article, I am going to go back to the very beginning. I believe that without a solid foundation, your chances of succeeding at being more productive are greatly reduced.

STEP 1: Where are you now?

If you were going to take a road trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you would put the address of the hotel you were going to stay at into your smartphone.

However, if you do not enable GPS on your phone (like some people do for whatever reason), your phone could not help you get from where you are to Disney World.

Before you can improve your productivity, you have to evaluate where you are now in terms of getting things done.

Imagine a scale of zero to ten.

Zero indicates that you are the world's best procrastinator - never getting anything done, ever.

Ten indicates that you are the world's most productive person. You always get everything done, every time.

Spoiler alert: no one is a zero and no one is a ten.

How would you rate yourself today? As you read these words? Do yourself a favor and write this number down somewhere. And if you are a nerd like I am, you can use decimals - as in 5.4 or 7.2!

Note: how you rate yourself on the productivity scale will change daily, with how you feel, what's going on in your life, etc. This is completely normal.

STEP 2: What's working?

What are you doing well? Make a list!

Are you organized?

Do you use your calendar?

Do you create reminders?

Do you get things out of your head into an app or a notebook?

List everything you are doing well when it comes to getting things done.

STEP 3: What's NOT working?

Repeat Step 2 from the other perspective: what are you doing that is NOT working OR what are you not doing at all (for whatever reason)?

STEP 4: Keep reading these weekly articles

Think of this as a continuing TV show and this as a cliff hanger.

Why? Well, I'm not writing a book here (at least not yet). I don't want to give you too much at once because experience has taught me that the things I give you to do adds complexity to the situation and complexity is the gateway to procrastination. And procrastination is the enemy of your productivity.

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