Don't Judge Me For Flying First Class

firstclass motivation Jun 20, 2022
First Class Meal

Recently, I had to take a flight and decided, for the first time in my life, to fly First Class.

Now, you would think that this would be no big deal.

And for most people, it wouldn't be.

Certainly not all.

I had a few people (mainly family members, which should have been my first clue) question this "unnecessary expense."

At first, I found myself becoming defensive by their questions.

Then I realized that I don't owe them or anyone any explanation for my choosing to fly First Class.

None. At. All.

And then I began to think about this more, as I am wont to do.

Everyone should spend their money the way they want to.

If you want to spend your money on:

  • a streaming service(s)
  • getting your Starbucks fix every day
  • buying new clothes
  • gambling
  • getting your hair done or a massage regularly
  • smoking
  • going out to dinner and a movie
  • purchasing art or other collectibles

or other things, I won't judge.

My wife and I choose to spend our money flying First Class.

Why I love flying First Class

Although I've flown countless times, I still get anxious when flying.

Or better said, used to.

What group would I be in? I fly United nearly all the time, and I always seem to be assigned to Group 4 (there are only five groups).

Would there be enough room for my carry-on? I've come close to not having any room for my baggage. 

What would my neighbor(s) be like if I were traveling alone? Always a crap shoot. I've had super awesome people sitting next to me, some less than so.

A few things I learned to appreciate from my first First Class flight include:

  1. I'm among the first to board (see The one thing "issue" with flying First Class" below)
  2. incredible service
  3. large, wide seats
  4. lots of legroom (great if you have long legs like me)
  5. much better food served hot and on porcelain plates with real silverware and glasses. Plus, you can have as much to drink as you want (okay, it's not as much as you want, but it's certainly more than you get in economy/coach, and alcohol is included)
  6. a "private" restroom that is only for First Class, the flight attendants, and the pilots
  7. that "curtain" that separates First Class from the rest of the flyers 🤣
  8. we arrive first (come on, that's funny!)
  9. first to deplane

The one thing "issue" with flying First Class

I once saw a YouTube video by comedian Bill Burr where he talked about hard he worked in life to go from the last row on the plane to First Class so he could board first; only First Class doesn't first.


People with disabilities, people traveling with little children, active military, and on United Airlines, members of the 1K Club (when fliers reach 100,000 elite qualifying miles or 100 elite qualifying segments within a single calendar year), board first.

I have no issue with people with disabilities or 1K members (who spend A LOT of money flying with United) boarding before First Class.

But the "passengers with small children" group is constantly being abused. Little children, say under 2, are acceptable. But I've seen children much older that can walk just fine getting in line here too.

And finally, active military. While this may ruffle some feathers, I'd prefer to see these folks board after First Class. While I am most thankful for the sacrifices they've made for our country, I don't think moving them to after First Class is disrespectful.

The few times I've flown First Class, I've seen easily 30 to 50 board before me.

But it's all good.

I am still in First Class.

If I can help it, I will never not fly First Class again.

For me, it's worth the extra money.

If you've never flown First Class before, I encourage you to do whatever you can (sacrifice someplace else) and try it.

You, too, will realize it's a different experience.

And I promise not to judge you for flying First Class.

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