Getting Old is a Blessing

inspiration May 06, 2020

Have you ever heard the phrase, "getting old sucks"?

Of course, you have.

We all have.

Do you agree with it or not?

Personally, I don't. Not one single bit.

Can getting old be an inconvenience?


Do things start to hurt?

Of course.

Are you able to do as much as you used to be able to do when you were younger?

Naturally, no.


I look at getting old as a blessing

Think about these seven reasons why it's truly a blessing to get older. In the comments, feel free to add your own.

1. You're wiser - as you age, you obtain experience. Yes, knowledge from books, courses, higher education, seminars, and such are great...but nothing is more powerful than knowledge accumulated through actually living your life.

2. You increase your discernment muscle - discernment is defined as "the ability to judge well." Let's be honest, it's more challenging if not impossible to be discerning when you're younger. Ask yourself if this isn't true. Think back to your younger years. How many foolish decisions did you make that you cringe to think about now?

3. You value life more - when you were younger, you most likely thought you were invincible. That you'd live forever. Like you could do anything. And, you probably did...or at least tried. Studies have shown that older people tend to be happier and love life more.

4. You've slowed down - I remember when I was younger, I was always in a hurry. When I was in elementary school, I couldn' wait to be in high school. While in high school, I couldn't wait until college (university). When in college, I couldn't wait to graduate. Then I couldn't wait to get married. On and on it went. Were you like this?

5. You make better choices - while this is similar to #2 about discernment, I listed this separately because here I'm referring to those little choices you make every day. As you grow older, you appreciate not making as many knee-jerk decisions.

6. You have more empathy for others - Empathy is defined as "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another." I can't speak for you but this was non-existent in my life when I was younger. Now? I get it and even embrace it.

7. A sense of accomplishment - the older you get, the more you can look over your life and see all that you've accomplished. Yes, you've done a lot. Good job!

Which brings me to...

Record your life

As you age, your brain remembers less. In fact, what it does remember seems to be random.

Why leave this to chance?

Whether you use a notebook or an app (I love the award-winning Day One journaling app, iOS and Mac only), journal your life.

Don't depend on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. What if they delete your account or go out of business? 

A strange request I made of my wife

Recently, I was not feeling well. Which prompted me - for reasons I'm not completely sure of - to request that my wife, "if anything should happen to me", to please document it. Why? After I've recovered, I'm going to want to have a record of it.

And if my wife can't be there, you can be sure I'll be recording my journey.

Many don't think about this. Until later.

After their relative or friend dies.

Then it's too late.

Make a commitment today to always document your life. You'll be glad you did.

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