Happy Birthday to ME!

my birthday Jun 21, 2021
Happy Birthday to ME

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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.

I think that's the first time I have ever sung on my own podcast. And before I recorded this episode, I actually went to make sure it was legal for me to sing happy birthday on my show. Turns out it is. So there you go. History-making episode right here on The Marks Struczewski Podcast. I sang on my own podcast. Are you impressed? I think you should be impressed. Why? Because this is Episode 866. And I have not sung a single note. Until now. So there you go. A history-making episode.

Now, this today, if you're listening to this on the day, it came out Monday, June 21. It is my 56th birthday. Yay, for me. I have been on this planet for 55 years. And I'm starting number 56. So I decided on this show. I'm gonna make it all about me. I usually don't make it all about me. It's always about you. But you've had the attention for 865 episodes. So give me this episode to make it about me. And what I'm going to do on this episode is I'm going to share my life with you from DNA to the present day. No, I'm not going to do that. That would be very, very long and, quite frankly, rather boring in most parts podcast episode.

But seriously, I want to give you a few highlights of my life. Okay, I think it'd be fun. Because someday I'm going to be really Uber famous. And people are going to want to know, oh my gosh, what notebook did he use for a bullet journal? What was his favorite music? You know, where did he live did he actually walk on this...? I'm being facetious. Well, maybe. But you know, seriously, when I follow people and they do episodes like they just talk about themselves for a little bit, I'm really fascinating because I, fascinating? I am fascinating but I'm fascinated, because I love the story when someone or some company goes from basically nothing to becoming a juggernaut. And it is may not be for you. You may not be listening right now. We'll see you tomorrow.

So, I'm, like I mentioned June 21, 1965. I was born in Rochester, New York. I was an only child. I'd never had any brothers and sisters. And something very interesting about me is I was born legally blind in my left eye. So if you ever see me in public, which I certainly hope you do, always look in my right eye, which would be, if you're looking at me, be your left, okay? The nerve did not develop from the brain to the eyeball at birth. So I have no vision. I see no shadows, nada. I only see out of my right eye.

Something I, as I was preparing for this episode, which is a rarity, I very rarely do that, by the way, I went to the same school district, from kindergarten to 12th grade. Apparently, based on my friends and people in my inner circle and the people I've interacted with on social media, that's a rarity. So, for 13 years, I went to the same school district. That was out in Churchville-Chili in New York. I graduated Churchville-Chili back in 1983. And interesting to note that the big thing about being a senior in 1982/1983 was you got to go to computer lab. Now, I know you younger people are born given an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple Watch, a Mac, but I had to wait till 12th grade, 1982, to take computer lab. And I worked on an Apple II. Yeah, an Apple II.

Now, I immediately did what a lot of people did, I went to college. I thought I wanted to be a computer programmer. Flamed out. I just quit college. And I took many years off before I went back and got my degree.

One of the things I did is I got into radio broadcasting. Now, this is fascinating. If you think Washington, DC is political, try getting into radio broadcasting. Oh, my goodness. So I thought, "hey, I want to be a radio DJ." So I started trying to figure out how you got into radio. How you got on the air. How you got involved in radio broadcasting and, you know, Google wasn't big back then. I don't think Google's around back in 1982, 83, 84, 85 around there. And so I landed a job at 95WBBF in Rochester, New York. The station is, like, not even where it was when I was there, but

I wasn't a DJ. I was what's known as a board operator. So back in the 80s, there was like, I think Bruce Williams and Sally Jessy Raphael. They would do these talk shows, and I would sit behind the board, and I would play the commercials. Never on the air, eva. I mean, literally, ever on the air. And then I decided to, well, I wanted to be on the air. I wanted people to hear my voice. And so I went down to Dansville, New York. Which was about an hour south of Rochester, New York, and I worked for a station that was called WDNY 1400 am. And I worked there for a year and a half. From there, I went to a station in the Montour Falls/Elmira area known as Wingz 105. And then I burned out on radio, and then I came back up with my tail between my legs. I didn't know what to do want to do in my life.

And so I went to work for the factory my dad worked in, it was a steel factory, and they had this great thing called a tuition reimbursement program. As long as you got a C in the course, they would continue paying for your college. So they basically put me through college, which is really cool.

Now, after I graduated college, I got back into radio broadcasting, but something happened before then. I moved to Houston, Texas, remember I was born in Rochester, New York. Moved to Houston, Texas, back in July of 1997.

Now, I really love it here in Houston. Yes, in the summertime, it gets mighty, mighty warm. But the trade-off is in the wintertime when it's snowing and 12 degrees up in my hometown of Rochester, New York, well, it's kind of comfy down here, 65-70 degrees. So I love it. And I'll tell you one of the reasons why I love that in just a few minutes.

Now. I was out of radio broadcasting for a while but when I got down to Houston, I started working for the Christian radio station KSBJ. Now I didn't last too long there. The reason why they were located up near Humble, Texas, and I lived in Katy. Now, if you're not familiar with the Houston, Texas area, it took me, and I worked midnight to six, so there's like no traffic on the road. It took me about 45 minutes to get there, and 45 minutes to get back. I was married at the time with four kids. And I had another full-time job. Yeah, I burned out from that. But I loved working at KSBJ.

Now I was fired, I started working as an inventory control coordinator, at a local hospital and I was fired from my job back in the summer of 2005. That's when I became an entrepreneur.

Now, I didn't know I wanted to be a productivity guy when I first started. So I went into wedding and portrait photography, mainly because I wanted the gear. I'll be completely honest with you on that, okay? But I wanted the gear, thought gear would be pretty stinking cool. But one of the things that came out of being a photographer was I would speak at local organizations teaching them how to take better pictures, whether it's other children or of their real estate property. Because remember, we're talking back in 2005. Facebook was just created, so was Twitter, there was no Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, any of those things around. And I got really good at it. I was, I didn't know it. I was a natural communicator. I just took the ball and ran with it. And so in January 2011, I decided I was going to go into the space of productivity. Well, I didn't decide to. I was trying to figure out, after photography, what was I going to speak on. And one day I was talking to my coach, you should have a coach, coaches rock and he said, "Why don't you go into productivity? Why don't you teach about productivity" And remember saying to him, "I don't know where that came from but why would you say that?" And he said, "because you're one of the most productive people I know."

So I decided, Okay, it's fairly natural to me. And so in January 2011, I launched MarkStruczewski.com, which you can get to by going to MisterProductivity.com. You're welcome.

Then in the spring of 2007, I heard a podcast from Gary Vaynerchuk, who said the future is voice and audio, and you should have a podcast. And so on July 7, 2017, I launched this very podcast, The Mark Struczewski Podcast and I, as said, this is Episode 866. I can't believe I'm on episode 866. It's crazy. I'm doing an episode a day in 2021. And if everything goes well, New Year's Eve day, it'll be Episode 1060, which is astronomically incredible to me.

Now, something else happened in August of 2017. Hurricane Harvey so rudely visited the Houston area and dropped 51 inches of rain. Fortunately, where my wife and I live we didn't get flooded out but during that weekend, that three days where the street had three feet of water in it, I read an article on RunnersWorld.com, that said, "what I learned after running one mile a day for 250 days." And I was really fascinated by the article. And I said, when Hurricane Harvey leaves, I'm going to start running every day until I hit the age of 100. Remember, I'm only 56. And so I started that streak on August 29, 2017. Now you are listening to this, my dear friend on my birthday, June 24. This is so silly. This is what happens when you're trying to look up something when you're trying to record a podcast. So today is June 21, 2021. I started my streak on when? August 29, 2017. Today is day number 1,393. That is insane. But I feel awesome.

So one of my favorite presents that I got this year is I got to see my daughter for an entire week. Now my daughter is from, my two daughters are from a previous marriage. One is married and has a kid and lives on their own out in Austin. And my daughter, my younger daughter lives with her mom up in Ohio. Well, she's down in Texas for the summer and she is here for the week of Father's Day and my birthday. And she's really cool. Because Hannah knows the rules: don't gyp me out on the gift I want to give my birthday and for Father's Day, and she did not let me down.

And the final thing I'll share with you is I've been married to my current wife, my second wife, my best friend, my biggest cheerleader since March 29, 2003.

So that just a little bit about me on my birthday. So I would like to know what did you learn? What did you learn about me? Mark Struczewski. Also known as the birthday boy. Also known as Mister Productivity. A couple of ways you can reach out to me. You can either go to MisterProductivity.com which sends you over to Mark Struczewski.com, click the contact tab, and send me a message. Or, if you are on LinkedIn or Facebook, and in all likelihood you are, you can go there, connect with me there and send a message. Just go look for Mister Productivity. That's two words Mister Productivity on the Facebook and follow me and send me a message. Or if you are out and about having to know me, or you have my phone number, you can text me. I love my birthdays. But, no, I only have one a year. I love my birthday. I have enjoyed every single birthday have had. I really love today. And I really love, not so much the presents, although those are cool. Not so much I get to pick my where we're going to go for dinner and what I'm going to have, you know, for my dessert, I'm still thinking about that. Still have a few more hours.

But I love people that send me personalized messages. Now, on LinkedIn, they'll say hey, it's Mark Struczewski birthday, and you can just click the button, it just sends me Happy Birthday. But the people who take three seconds and say "happy birthday, Mark. Hope you're enjoying your day." That means so much to me. So if you really want to make my day, I can never receive too many birthday greetings. I am dead serious. I love my birthday. And when June 21st comes around, I am so geeked out because it's my birthday. It's my birthday. So thank you so much. I really hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you didn't roll your eyes. I hope you learned something about me. I hope you really appreciated the time that we spent together. I'll be back tomorrow with another great episode. And until then, my friend you know what to do. Go be productive.

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