Honest Talk About Your Goals

goals Aug 28, 2021
Notepad with Goals written on it

Let's talk about goals.

Not so much about setting goals. You already know you should have goals, goals that mean something to you. If you work for a company, you'll probably have goals from your superiors. 

Don't keep your goals in your head. Take them out of your head and put them onto paper. Yes, paper. And not only that, I want to encourage you to write them out every day at least once.

If you have a lot of goals, please reconsider this. I personally have three goals, and I write them down every single day.

Why is it important for you to write your goals every day? You want your subconscious mind to know that these goals are non-negotiable. You give your subconscious mind the what, and you let it figure out the how

Practice what Grant Cardone talks about in his incredible book, The 10X Rule (affiliate link): come up with goals that are way beyond your comfort zone. He calls this 10Xing them. In other words, there's no way these goals could happen today, tomorrow, next month, this year, or even next year.

For example, one of my goals is to have a net worth of $100 million. Do you understand how many people I could help when I have that net worth? A lot! Starting with my 80-year-old father, the sole caregiver for my 76-year-old mother, who suffers from late-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

Your homework is to take a look at your goals. Do your goals scare you? Are your goals ginormous? If you don't have any goals, that's your homework.

Create 10X goals.

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