How Running Every Day Makes Me More Productive

motivation productivity Aug 27, 2021
Mark running

Over the weekend of August 25th to 28th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey dropped an incredible 51" of rain on my Houston, Texas.

During the storm, I happened across an article on Runner's World's website along the lines of "What I learned from running at least one mile every day for 250 days."

After reading it, I remember thinking to myself, "I could run a mile a day."

According to my records (because I'm a nerd like that), I ran off and on starting in 2015.

But certainly not daily.

As of today, August 27, 2021, I've run 1,460 days in a row.

My annual goal since 2019 has been to run 1,000 miles every year.

I've accomplished this in 2019, 2020 and am on my way to doing so in 2021.

(If you're a nerd like me, you'll want to know this: I've run 5,458.35 miles since 2015.)

But how has running every day made me more productive?

First, it builds a habit. 

Here in Houston, it's possible to run year-round. But we can have weather that is not favorable to runners: torrential downpours (seemingly out of nowhere), extreme heat (running under the blazing sun and a heat index of over 100℉ is not fun or recommended though I've had to do this...once), and, yes, even cold (and snow!).

I've run when I've not felt great physically and mentally. The worst times I've run included when my back is acting up, with a thrombosed hemorrhoid, and when it was in the lower 30s and raining. But every day means every day.

Usually, I run in the morning. Often within an hour of waking up. If the weather is not cooperating, I'll run the 3 miles in my house. Fortunately, I've only had to do this a handful of times.

Second, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Running at the beginning of my day purges the cortisol from my body as I get outside (in most cases) to breathe in the fresh air, gets the blood flowing, and gets my mind ready for the day. More often than not, I'm listening to an audiobook as I run. So, my runs are good physically, mentally, and intellectually.

And third, running keeps me healthy.

It's such a challenge to stay healthy at this time. Processed "food" is everywhere and cheap.

Seemingly endless Zoom calls aren't good as we sit way more often than we should. 

If you want to get and stay healthy and, as a result, have more energy to be more productive, moving first every day (I recommend first thing in the morning) is so powerful.

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