How to be Productive During Self-Isolation 2020

podcast Mar 23, 2020

Today is Monday, March 23rd.

It's been 127 days since the first 1st known case of coronavirus in China.

And what a 127 days it’s been!

As you read this, you are more than likely in self-isolation.

Maybe you’re working from home or you have been laid off or worse (I’m sorry!) and now you are wondering what you can do.

I’m going to share 6 ways you can be productive during your self-isolation.

Stay informed but not obsessed

It’s okay to watch the news and/or check-in on social media so you stay in the know. But only do it sparingly.

When you stay connected to what’s happening in the world all day and night, it’s going to make you more overwhelmed, anxious, scared, frustrated, worried, and a whole bunch of other negative emotions.

And while I’m no doctor, I have to believe that that is not good for your immune system.

Watch something other than the news
Let me clarify this: watch something that makes you laugh or feel good. Avoid shows and movies (and video games) that are violent, scary or depressing.

As a side note, I wish the news stations would stop with the wall-to-wall news. I get it. It’s a global pandemic but all the news is only making us more unsure and anxious (can I get an amen?)

Still plan your day
What do you need/want to do each day?

Even though you and your kids are home, there’s no need to just wing it.

Sit down as a family (and do this even if you don’t have kids) and make a list of what to do each day. Staying busy will prevent you from going stir crazy.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Play games
  • Watch movies
  • Read
  • Do chores
  • Take naps (but get up before 3pm or you risk not being able to sleep tonight)
  • Watch some TED talks (learn something)
  • Limit the time (repeating myself here) on social media and watching the news

Know your limits
Take breaks as needed. This goes for all members of your household.

Take time to do deep breathing or meditate
This really helps. I use the Breathe app on my Apple Watch but you can just use a timer. Do as much as you need. Involve your whole family.

Give yourself grace
You didn’t create this virus. And I’m confident you’re doing what the experts are telling you to do:

  • Washing your hands
  • Social distancing
  • Stay inside unless you need to go out for food or fuel

 We're going to be okay!

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