How to Get Things Done When You're Overwhelmed

overwhelm overwhelmed Nov 08, 2021

If you're feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do, and maybe you're pulling your hair out (something I can't relate to because I don't have any hair), I'm going to share solid strategies for how you can truly get things done when you're overwhelmed.

Tip #1: Stop.

Stop. You're trying to do so many things for your business, your colleagues, your customers, your family, and you're going seemingly non-stop. To what end?

You are heading toward burnout. I get it; you've got a lot to do. People are counting on you. But if you don't take care of yourself, you're going to be in for a world of hurt by stopping. Stopping goes against what you want to do, what you feel you must do. However, when you're overwhelmed, you need to stop.

Tip #2: Check-in with yourself.

How are you feeling? Are you happy? Are you pleased to operate at this pace? With trying to please everyone? If you're not satisfied, you are not going to be your most productive self.

How are you feeling mentally, physically, spiritually? Go deep and figure out why you feel overwhelmed or stressed? Why don't you feel happy? There's a reason why you're feeling this way.

Tip #3: Do the ODAE exercise.

The chances are good that you're doing too much. I share an exercise with my clients called the ODAE exercise: O, D, A, E. It stands for outsourcing, delegating, automating, and eliminating. Here's how it works. Over three to five days, I want you to write down everything you do at home and work. I don't want you to judge or edit the list. I want you to write down everything you do.

When you feel you have captured most of what you do, I want you to gift yourself 60 to 90 minutes of undistracted time, and I want you to look at your list. Go through it line by line and ask yourself, Can this item be outsourced? If the answer is yes, I want you to put an O next to it. Maybe the thing can be delegated, put the letter D next to it. If the item can be automated, put the letter A. And if the item can be eliminated, I want you to put the letter E next to it.

Then I want you to go and outsource what you identified can be outsourced. Delegate what can be delegated. Automate what can be automated and eliminate what can be eliminated.


You can ask Google anything. Just type, How do I outsource X? How do I delegate Y? How do I automate Z? And you'll get plenty of answers. Personally, my favorite letter is the letter E (eliminate). Are you doing things that don't need to be anymore? Here's the easiest way to eliminate something: stop doing it for a couple of days. If nothing negative happens, try it for another week. If it still hasn't affected world peace, then eliminate it. Remember: if you discover you need what you've eliminated, you can add it to your routine.

Tip #4: Schedule time for you.

Schedule time for napping, relaxing, reading, going on a walk, or a run. Don't hope that you have time for these activities over your day. Schedule it.

Remember, you're overwhelmed because you're doing too much. That's why I gave you the ODAE exercise. I also want you to gift yourself time to do nothing. Maybe you surf on social media, sit on your porch and watch at life. You need to take care of yourself because if you keep going at the pace you're going, you're going to break down, and then you're not going to be able to serve your clients or your family members.

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