How to Get to Inbox Zero

inbox zero productivity zero inbox Jan 20, 2021

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn where the person was saying they're so happy because they finally reached inbox zero.

A lot of people were commenting, saying, "Oh, that's awesome! How did you do it?"

And, of course, as a productivity expert, I could not resist adding value to these people.

Here's what I told them: You didn't get in trouble with your inbox being chaotic overnight.

You're not going to clean it up overnight.

So here's what you do

You worry about the next email or you work on one email at a time.

If it looks like it's coming from a trusted sender, go ahead and click the unsubscribe button.

If not, set up a rule that either automatically deletes it or sends it to your spam.

Do not select all and archive or select all and delete because that's not going to fix the problem.

It's just putting a Band-Aid on it and you're hemorrhaging.

Okay, I know you can do this. Just take your time.

Clean up your inbox.

You too can get to inbox zero.

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