Hurry Up and Let's Talk About Patience

life patience success May 16, 2021
Hurry Up and Let's Talk About Patience

So let's talk about patience today, shall we? 

Very interesting that I'm talking about this today because my patience is a little thin at this moment in time. And the reason why is a whole bunch of things happened. Some things I expected, some things I didn't. Like one of the websites I use is currently down. So my day is kind of off so far. 

And I'm like, "Huh, I said I was going to talk about patience on the show today, and here I am very impatient." 

I struggle with patience. 

As I was doing some research on patience, I came across a study of 2000 British adults from 2019. You don't have to be British to appreciate this. 

According to the survey, the average person grows frustrated after waiting 16 seconds for a web page to load! Is that you? 

Some got frustrated 25 seconds if the traffic light doesn't change. Is that you? 

Some respondents admitted they lose their temper after 20 seconds of waiting for the ink to dry out a greeting card! If you don't know what a greeting card is, Google it or go to your local store. But we used to write greeting cards out with a pen. And people admitted to getting frustrated if the ink didn't dry right away. 

People: I'm not saying I relate to any of these things! 

But people have admitted they started cursing after waiting just 22 seconds for a streaming video to start. 

And 95% of people say that patience is a virtue. 

I am with the group of people that when I press start on my streaming device, I want it to start instantly. I can't wait for it to start buffering or anything like that.

We can laugh at this. 

We may be using your website, social media, and all of a sudden, it doesn't load right away. Or you send a message to someone. Have you ever sent a message to somebody, and whether you're using iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal, it gives you the indication that they're typing a message? And you're waiting and waiting and waiting. You're like, "what's going on? What are they typing in Ernest Hemingway novel?" 

It turns out that, after they read your message, they might have hit one key like the period or a K and then put their phone back in their pocket. I've been there, I admit to that. 

So patience. Hurry and be patient, as they say. 

I was looking for some ways that we can be more patient with ourselves and here's what I found. I found a great article from Inc magazine. 

First of all, make yourself wait. I'm like, "hold up. You want me to wait?" Bear with me. 

Start small. Maybe you don't get frustrated when you have to wait 30 seconds for your ink to dry in the greeting card, or maybe you wait a full minute for the episode you want to watch on Netflix or Hulu or whatever show you want to watch starts. Start small, but start building the muscle of waiting. 

Number two, stop doing things that aren't important. How many times have you gotten frustrated over something that's not important? Guilty. Guilty as charged. I'm like, "hurry up, hurry up, hurry up." And I'm thinking to myself, "this is not important." Stop doing things that aren't important. 

Number three, be mindful of the things making you impatient. You know those things that push your buttons. Maybe it's traffic, then leave early. If you don't like the ink to dry in the greeting cards, maybe you get a fast drying ink. What triggers your buttons? What frustrates you? What causes that ugly monster of impatience to roar, its ugly head? 

Recognize what those triggers are and take a step back and go, "you know what? I know if I don't leave the house by 10 minutes after the hour, I know I'm going to run into traffic. But that's stupid because that light at that one intersection is not going be in my favor." So leave early. 

Know what triggers your impatience. For me, it's technology. I have this illusion that when I hit enter, it better start immediately. Or I get frustrated. I know what triggers me. So I try to do is take a breath. 

And speaking of breath, number four, relax and take deep breaths. While you're waiting for the ink to dry, while you're waiting for the show to start, while you're waiting for the signal to change from red to green, go take some deep breaths. 

As my 84-year-old Aunt Rori says, "it doesn't affect world peace." Most things that we're impatient for don't affect world peace. If you're going to war with someone, and you give the command to launch the missile, and they press the button, and it doesn't start, okay, then you may want to be impatient. If you have a loved one that was in a bad wreck, and you go into emergency room, you don't want the emergency room trauma doctor to over over whistling and say, "Hey, how's it going?" You want them to have some sense of urgency, so your impatience is justified. 

But when you get pulled over and the police officer comes and gets your license and registration and proof insurance? Don't yell out the window, "Can you hurry up? I gotta go"! That may not be too smart. 

Everyone has got some impatience in them. And it frustrates us. If you're impatient, join the club. If you are a patient person, please reach out to me and tell me how you are a patient. Because I want to know, I've read the books, I've watched the videos, I've read the posts. I talked to patient people but that didn't resonate with me. Just like I'm trying to learn French on Duolingo. It's not resonating with me. 

So please, be patient.

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