3 Strategies for Taming Instagram

instagram podcast May 31, 2019
Mark Struczewski, Instagram

I love Instagram.

When it was released to the world on October 6, 2010 exclusively on iOS devices (it came to Android in April 2012), not many took notice. In the beginning, it was only a square photo sharing service. Its growth was steady and in April 2012, Facebook forked over one billion dollars for it.

To say that Instagram can be highly addictive (keeping you from being productive) is an understatement. Instagram, like every other social media platform out there, is specifically designed to keep on you it for as long as possible (can you say "forever"?)

Fear not It is possible to use (and love!) Instagram but not let it get the best of you.


• Instagram can be highly addicting and keep you from being productive. In this episode, I give you three strategies to maintain control over Instagram.

• Turn off notifications. Think about what this interruption is doing to your productivity, to your focus, to your attention.

• Exercise the power of the mute or the power of muting. I know people and maybe you’re one of these people, who have every story enabled on their device.

• On Instagram, you can mute Posts, Stories or both.

• It's your Instagram feed so make it work for you.

• Limit the time you're spending on Instagram. Set an alarm on your smartphone for 30 minutes or whatever and when it's done, you're done.


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