I'm so Confused

confused social media Jul 10, 2021
I'm so Confused

Before I share with you why I am confused, let me give you the backstory.

Prior to April 2021, I was active on every imaginable social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. And that's not even listing the ones I used to be on but are no more (I'm talking to you, Myspace!).

Then I watched the Netflix documentary so many people have told me I needed to, The Social Dilemma, which scared the 💩 out of me, and I promptly deleted Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest. Facebook was on life support. Only LinkedIn remained.

But then my coach convinced me that my tribe is on Facebook. Note: this was a lengthy conversation, not a quick decision, because I understood what the social media platforms were doing with our data.

This quote from The Social Dilemma is still rattling around my head: 

If you're not paying for the product, you ARE the product.

Let that sink in.

I decided to listen to my coach (always a good idea) and give Facebook a go again. I updated my profile and created a Page and a Group.

And I began creating what I thought was awesome content.

After about a month, I returned to Instagram and began creating content there.

All this time, I was remaining active on LinkedIn.

This is where I get confused.

On July 7th, I decided to return to TikTok. I can't tell you why, I just did.

My first video was singing Happy Birthday, Mark Struczewski Podcast (which turned four years old on that day).

No big deal, right?


That video quickly got over 250 views within 24 hours.

For most people, that's nothing.

But for me, it's a lot.

Then I posted four more videos over the next few days, which got (as of this blog post) 483, 468, 450, and 473 views.

That's 1,825 views (the first video has 391 views right now) in less than 4 days.

ALL of my videos on Facebook, Instagram*, Twitter (which I didn't return to), and LinkedIn* have not come close to this. Note I wrote ALL. (* - I include videos posted before and after I deleted these accounts.)

This is so crazy...and confusing...and exciting.

If I'm reaching people with my message on TikTok, that's where I'm going to be.

I'm still active on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but TikTok will be a priority.

If you're on TikTok, follow me. If you're not, no worries, I'll still be elsewhere.

By the way, you can always watch my TikTok videos by clicking this link anytime.


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