Improve Your Productivity with ODAE

odae podcast productivity Aug 08, 2019
Mark Struczewski

How to improve your productivity with ODAE. 

What now? 


ODAE stands for outsource, delegate, automate and eliminate. 

Here's an exercise that I give my clients, my audiences, and that I'm sharing with you now.

I want you to grab a notebook and for two days, I want you to write down everything you do over the course of the day in your business. 

Why two days? Because no two days are the same. And by doing this exercise for a second day, you're going to catch those outliers that you didn't catch on the first day. 

If you write something down on day one, you don't have to write it down again for day two. Do this exercise for two days. 

Then I want you to set your notebook aside for a whole day. I want you to pretend it doesn't even exist. Just go about your day as normal on day three. 

On day four, I want you to schedule a minimum of one hour as a gift to yourself to go through this process of going through every single item on your list that you wrote down over the previous two days. 

Now before you get started on day four, make sure your phone is off or muted and the vibrations are turned off, and that it’s face down. And you're someplace quiet; with no distractions. 

Then go through your entire list and next to anything that can be outsourced, I want you to put an O next to it. 

Write a D next to anything that can be delegated. 

Put in A next to anything that can be automated and finally put an E next to anything that can be eliminated. 

Note: just writing out your list and then going through and writing O D A E next to each item is a waste of your time unless you actually outsource that what you think can be outsourced, delegate what can be delegated, automate what can be automated, and eliminate what can be eliminated. 

The toughest thing with doing this exercise is going to be letting go. This is going to help you visually see what you're doing and what things you're doing that may be better served by having someone else do them. 

After you outsource what can be outsourced, delegate what can be delegated, automate what can be automated, and eliminate what can be eliminated, your list of things you should do should be quite a bit smaller than it was when you started. 

By the way, a lot of people have trouble with the E of the elimination and here's why: they've always done things a certain way. Maybe they were trained that way. Maybe they've done it that way since they got into the industry. Maybe there's a better way. Get rid of those things that don't need to be done anymore.

Doing this exercise will dramatically give you more time to do what you are good at what you should be doing. It will make you more productive.

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