It Seemed Like Yesterday.

life Aug 18, 2021
You're Fired

It seemed like yesterday.

On a hot and humid Houston morning in July 2005, I had gone to work just like I had the previous nearly four years.

I wish I could write that there was no indication about what was going to happen, but I knew.

It wasn’t hard to see the signs.

Then it happened.

I was fired.

Now what?

I went through the five stages of grief in mere days: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Acceptance was such a blessing.

That freed me.

I became an entrepreneur.

It’s here I wish I could tell you that I became a decamillionaire. But that didn’t happen.

What DID happen was my life took an incredible turn for the better.

Not right away.

But over time, it did.

Today, I’m doing what I love to do, serving people in a way I never thought was possible before being fired.

I truly am having the time of my life!

Mistakes I made along the way.

First, thinking that investing in coaches, courses, and conferences would magically make me a decamillionaire, as mentioned earlier.

They didn’t. I threw (desperately, I’ll admit) good money after good money. Others got my money, but I had nothing to show for it.

But I’m not complaining or blaming. No one forced me to invest in these.

What did I learn from this? Be skeptical when someone tells you they can help you achieve your goals. Don’t blindly purchase anything. Use your brain.

Second, I wasn’t patient. I wanted incredible success within days (and then months) after I was fired. But…I had no idea what I was doing. Zero.

And third, you need to have two to three people who support you are your endeavor. This is critical. They need to be there to cheer you on AND to tell you, “Ummm, that’s not a good idea.” I’m so thankful for my wife, Michelle. She’s my biggest cheerleader.

I’ve shared this before, but I’ll share it again here. From July 2005 until the end of 2020, I earned $40K. Not a year. Total. (My wife rocks!)

Now that I’ve found my footing (and clients who love what I do), life keeps on getting better and better.

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I genuinely wish you the best of success today and in the years to come.

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