Just Stop Already

motivation Apr 25, 2022
Just Stop Already


You need to stop working, working, working, working, working.

We live in a society that is 24/7/365.

I am old enough to remember that at midnight, the television stations would play the national anthem here in America, and they would go off the air until five or six o'clock in the morning. There was no cable, satellite, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Tik Tok.

There were only four television stations back in the day: ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. Fox was even a thing yet.

You need to make it a priority to stop and rest your body. It was not designed to keep going nonstop.

Here's how to boost your productivity.

Take time away from the devices.

I promise you that it'll be okay. Your life will not end.

What to do instead?

Read a book.

Don't read a book on your iPad or your phone. Grab a print book, go outside, and get some fresh air and sun.

You could even go for a walk.

It's if you're always working; you need to stop.

When we rest, our bodies recover.

When we stop thinking about things, our brains can sort through all the things we've already done or thought about that day.

Please gift yourself, your productivity, your performance, the gift of stopping.

When was the last time you stopped and did nothing?

I'm not talking about watching a game on TV or scrolling on social media. When you were not on a device or maybe even not talking. Perhaps you're just out in the sun listening to birds chirping or watching your dog play.

You must make it a priority to stop. It's okay to work. You should work, and you should work hard, but if you want to be the most productive and efficient version of yourself, you have to take the time to stop and do nothing. 

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