Life Happens

productivity Sep 15, 2019

As a productivity expert, I am obsessed with not only helping you become the most productive you possible...but also with staying productive myself. All day, every day.

But sometimes (oftentimes?) life happens.

Back on October 20, 2017, my wife Michelle fell at home. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I was there and saw her fall. It happened in an instant. It was painful to watch.

Do you think that my day became instantaneously unproductive, business-wise?

Of course!

After realizing this wasn't just a simple fall, that something else was wrong, we headed off to an urgent care center as we had no insurance - hoping it was just a sprain or a dislocation.

It wasn't. The picture above is of her x-ray taken after her surgery to correct the fracture on November 7th.

My productivity focus went from my business to caring for Michelle. Especially for several weeks after her October 20th fall when we were raising money to pay for her surgery.

That's not to say I didn't keep working on my business. I did. I just had to do what my Aunt Rori, an Army veteran, says all the time: I had to "improvise, adapt and overcome". Apparently, that's what they said when she was in the Army. I don't know if they still say that now.

Life. Will. Happen.

And here's the challenge with that: life won't give you any warning. It just...happens. Often when you least expect it or can afford it, financially or otherwise. Life doesn't care. It has no emotion.

You will:

  • get sick
  • experience the pain of loss (death of a loved one, a job, a relationship, etc.)
  • have your car die
  • have your flight delayed or cancelled
  • receive bad news

When you do, this is when the real test begins.

How will you react? What will you do?

As long as you are still alive and able to function, you have to find a way to improvise, adapt and overcome whatever challenge you are facing.

It most likely won't be easy.

But that is exactly what the most successful (and productive) people on this planet do.

Don't miss this: when life happens, it's okay to be stunned for a bit. Don't think you have to be calloused with no feelings and just keep on keeping on.

The problem happens when you get stuck feeling this way.

When you do, then an hour turns into a day which turns into a week which turns into a month and so on.

Every time life happens, you have only three choices:

  1. quit, which also includes whining and complaining about your situation
  2. do nothing
  3. improvise, adapt and overcome

I pray that you choose #3.

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