How Food Impacts Your Productivity - Dr. Lindsey Elmore

podcast Nov 11, 2020
Mark Struczewski, Dr. Lindsey Elmore

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Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and world-renowned wellness expert. Dr. Elmore has an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California San Francisco. She is a Board-Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist, a certified vinyasa, yin, and Aroma Yoga® instructor, a business strategy coach, and the author of Essentials: 75 Answers to Common Questions about Essential Oils and Supplements.

Lindsey and Mark discuss why you should drink room temperature water, the many toxins in your water, completing the recycling cycle, the effect of sugar on your health, what you can do today to be healthier, and more!

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