Mark and Michelle Go Keto....What?

gut health keto ketogenic ketosis low carb Aug 13, 2021

After listening to Gary Taubes' The Case for Keto: Rethinking Weight Control and the Science and Practice of Low-Carb/High-Fat Eating, we decided to go keto. We were going to pull the trigger on Sunday, August 1, but decided to start the day after Michelle's birthday, on Monday, July 26. 

We did this once together in the past, successfully, but in a world of easy processed food and ads pushing it everywhere you look, we fell off the wagon. This time, we're doing it for weight control and health.

What does this have to do with productivity? Everything!

When we ditched the sugar and other carbohydrates, we both saw the scale drop. We both also, after the first several days or so, saw our energy go up.

Michelle accidentally bought regular Dr. Pepper Cherry and drank a small amount. She initially freaked out, thinking the day was lost. Instead of eating other junk, she stayed the course. She was delighted to find that she'd stayed in ketosis but had a brief stall in weight loss.

According to an app called Sleep Watch, one of the things Michelle wasn't expecting was that her sleep rhythm improved. Mark doesn't track all of the markers that Michelle does, so he doesn't have the same statistics she does.

Both are delighted to have more energy and mental clarity! We look forward to sharing more as our journey progresses!

Check out the Mark and Michelle Go Keto podcast here.

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