A Million Dollar (Or More) Idea

Aug 12, 2021
A Million Dollar (Or More) Idea

I find it interesting how one little thing can lead to something unexpectantly pleasant.

Two stories

Recently, I attended a free Grant Cardone training during which he mentioned a show he was on called Undercover Billionaire on Discovery +. 

As a fan of Grant (who has taught me so much), I decided to check the show out.

After watching the first episode of the second season (the one where he is one of three billionaires featured), I realized that this wasn't a show.

It was a learning opportunity.

I grabbed my bullet journal and began taking copious notes.

Which lead me to listen to his book, The 10X Rule (affiliate link), on my daily run. This is the third time I've listened to this book, and I've "read" it one other time.

Which led me to re-evaluate my goals.

And, yes, I did 10X them!

I am so excited now.

There is no doubt that I will begin learning more than I ever have to serve my clients better. It's a win/win.

Now, the other story.

On a recent Sunday, I happened to watch a 4-minute video from a company that teaches people how to build funnels to grow their business.

The video was about how an individual went from charging $15 an hour to making over $160K in a year.

But it wasn't their story that I was paying attention to.

It was their funnel.

Instead of dismissing the video, I took action.

I looked at the funnels for my products and realized I had work to do.

And I did it!

My takeaway 

Keep your eyes and mind open. You never know where a flash of inspiration will come from.

It could be a million-dollar (or more!) idea!

And when the idea does flash, take action. Immediately.

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Thanks for reading. 

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