Why In the World am I Known as Mister Productivity?

mister productivity productivity May 23, 2021
Why In the World am I Known as Mister Productivity?

I was not born, Mister Productivity. Shocking.

No, as a matter of fact, I was born a baby, like you were. I'm assuming you're not an alien. I'm assuming you're a real live person that was born a baby.

I really didn't know what I wanted to do with most of my life. And so I wanted to share with you today, the creation of Mister Productivity.

I was born and raised in Rochester, New York, moved to Houston in 1997. I think the first occupation I ever wanted to be was a firefighter because my dad was a firefighter. My dad was everything from a rookie, which means you're a brand new firefighter, you're wet behind the ears, and you're learning the trade. He became a Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, chief of the department, Vice President, and Chief of the fire department; went right up the ranks. I always thought I wanted to be a firefighter and I actually was a volunteer firefighter. I was actually an EMT for a while. But it wasn't my calling.

I worked at a steel factory up in Rochester, New York for about eight or nine years until I got my college degree in one of these programs where they would pay for you to go to college via tuition reimbursement.

In June of 1996, I vacationed down in Houston, Texas to see my former in-laws and fell in love with Houston. And my now ex-wife and I moved to Houston in July of 1997, and I fell in love with Houston. But I didn't know what I wanted to do.

I was in inventory control management. I kind of went from job to job, five years here, four years there. Still didn't know what I wanted to do.

But in July of 2005, I was fired from my job in corporate America. At the time, like most people, I got very angry when I was fired from my job. You're like, "what, what"? But now I look back, I'm so glad that I was fired because I wasn't doing what I was meant to do.

As a productivity guy, I will tell you, unless you're doing what you love to do, where you love to do it, you'll never be your most productive, happy self.

When I became an entrepreneur in July 2005, I became a wedding and portrait photographer, which I didn't really want to be; the business failed. But one thing that came out of it was my love for teaching and speaking.

Ironically, when I was in high school and college, university for the rest of the world, I hated doing oral reports. Now I've got a podcast, I go live, and you can't get me to shut up if you know me at all.

But what am I going to talk about? I had no clue.

A couple of topics that I came up with were "how to overcome roadblocks on your path to success", note to self: when you are not successful, don't tell people how to be successful; doesn't work.

Another one I came up with was "how to go from hopeless to hopeful". I have no idea what I was thinking that time.

At the time, I had a Tony Robbins Results Coach. I remember very distinctly a call we had when I was feeling kind of blue, kind of down, kind of quiet. And he asked me, "what's going on?" I said, "You know, I love training, speaking coaching all that stuff. But I don't know what my topic should be."

And he said, "Well, why don't you talk about productivity?" I remember saying to him, "I don't know where that came from but why would you say that?" He replied, "I say that because I know a lot of people and you are one of the most productive people I know. You need to share your message with the world."

So in January 2011, I hung my shingle out at markstruczewski.com. An easy way to get there is misterproductivity.com.

When I first started, I was naive. I was talking about calendar apps, to-do lists, and notes and that's all fine but it's a very small part of being productive.

So I was stumbling around and one day, a guy by the name of Jeff Young on LinkedIn said, "You're Mister Productivity." And he gave me the hashtag. #misterproductivity. Well, he didn't give it to me. He actually used the hashtag. And I asked him if I could use it because I didn't know if was proper etiquette to use it if someone gives you a hasthad. He said "yeah, go ahead" and so I started using the hashtag on LinkedIn.

And then I went and got the domain, misterproductivity.com because when I'm on someone else's podcast or if I'm on a live broadcast if I say go to markstruczewski.com, you're like, "go where?" But if I say go to misterproductivity.com, which magically takes you over to markstruczewski.com where you can find out about how to become a free Mark Struczewski insider, get my top five productivity tips, find out about my coaching, get direct links from my podcast, my blog, all that stuff is over there.

What is the point of what I'm sharing with you today? The point is, if you don't know what you want to be when you grow up, it's okay. I didn't know what I wanted 10 years ago. So I was 44 or 45 years old, had not a clue what I was supposed to do in my life.

Now I know I am crystal clear. I mean, I'm constantly reading, trying to be the best coach and expert I can. One of the things I learned from Brendon Burchard, way back in the day is: true experts are students first.

So I'm always learning. As a matter of fact, in a few weeks, I'm going to be doing UPW Virtual with Tony Robbins and about a billion other people. At first, I was like, "man, that's 12-15 hours a day, it starts like six o'clock in the morning." But everyone I've talked to who has gone to UPW, says it's life-changing. Absolutely life-changing.

If you're reading this before, you can sign up! Just go to just go Google "UPW Virtual". I'm excited about it.

My point is, I never stop learning. You shouldn't ever stop learning. Maybe you're close to what your calling is. But you're not quite there. Keep exposing yourself to new things, read books, attend classes, attend webinars, build relationships, hire coaches, hire, invest in mentors, whatever it takes, continue to be a student of whatever you want to be a student of life.

I don't ever want to get to the point where I've got it all figured out. I've never met Tony Robbins. But I believe if I asked him, he would say he doesn't have it all figured out yet. This guy has been doing this for like 40 years. I'm sure he would say, "I don't have it all figured out yet."

Even though I call myself a productivity expert, that just means I know more than most people. You may be a LinkedIn expert, that doesn't even know everything about LinkedIn. But you know more than most people, or Facebook or YouTube or Twitter or Instagram or Tiktok.

You know, for the longest time I fought the urge to call myself an expert because I thought an expert knew everything about the topic. That's just not true.

If you get one thing away from this episode: don't sweat the small stuff. The fact that if you don't know if you're doing what you want to do, it's okay. Most times when I go live, nobody shows up. It's okay. Some people watch it later. It's okay. It used to bother me.

It doesn't bother me if I post something on social media, and no one likes it and no one comments and no one watches it. I used to get all upset and angry like, "okay, so no one watched it. No one read it. It's okay. Doesn't matter."

Everything I do is not going to hit. Every episode of The Mark Struczewski Podcast doesn't get a quadrillion downloads. It's okay.

So give yourself permission. If you're not there yet, realize that you're on a journey. Take the mindset of being a student first, and you'll be fine.

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