My Biggest Productivity Tip (Bar None)

productivity Sep 19, 2019

I have so many tips to help you take your productivity to the next level.

To get unstuck.

But if you were to ask me what my #1 tip was, I wouldn't have to think about it.

Not even for a second.

It's such a clear choice, nothing comes close.

Curious to know what it is?

No problem! Send one million dollars in unmarked bills (no bitcoin!) to...

I'm kidding.

My biggest productivity tip

This is so simple I'm stunned at how few people do it.

Ignore this tip at your peril.

Get whatever you have to remember or do, out of your head, and into something that won't forget.

That's it.


Don't overcomplicate this.

You can use an app (which I personally do and recommend you do as well because who doesn't have their cell phone within reach everywhere they are?) or write it down in a notebook.

If you opt to write it down...don't write on a Post-It, the back of a receipt, or a loose sheet of paper. Use a notebook that you can easily find when you need it. Maybe invest in a nice notebook that is very recognizable for you.

Consider this...

Like I mentioned earlier, everyone brings their cell phone with them everywhere. If you decide to use a notebook, remember you need to bring it and something to write with everywhere you go: the wedding, the funeral home, the emergency room, on vacation, to court, etc.

Will you do that?

But avoid doing this...

Don't, don't, don't, don't (am I unclear?) use a notebook most of the time and your cell phone the other times. Pick one and stick with it. Why? Notebooks and cell phones can't sync. And you know you won't manually ensure they are in sync. So, avoid this and use one or the other.

Murphy's Law, the Productivity Version

You know what Murphy's Law says: whatever can go wrong, will.

Well, there is a productivity version (which I made up): that which you need to remember the most is what you will forget first.

Do this one thing (get stuff out of your head), and you will be more productive than so many others who are trying to remember everything.

It's not a question of IF but WHEN your brain will fail you.

Don't trust it. Instead, help it out.

So there you have it. My biggest productivity tip.

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