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372: How to Conquer Email - Prasanth Nair

podcast Jul 03, 2019

Prasanth Nair has been deeply interested in the productivity space and have pioneered email, meeting, and project productivity techniques for 20 years. He developed techniques for his own use in these areas in his role as a project manager. About a decade ago, he started receiving requests from clients to teach them these techniques based on the success they witnessed in his project roll outs. So he began teaching them. His journey into teaching, has taught him that improving productivity is about habit change - at the individual, team, and often organizational level. He particularly enjoy this work, because he believes that productive people do better things from themselves, their organizations, and the world at large.


On this episode with Prasanth Nair:

  • The power of the Stack Method
  • What 3 things email (or any process) needs to be
  • Why behavior is when it comes to controlling email
  • If email aren't messages, what are they?

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