The Power of Mastermind Groups - Ronan Leonard

podcast Jun 19, 2019
Mark Struczewski, Ronan Leonard

Most experts make the mistake of picking just one mode to deliver their expertise through. The secret to becoming a niche leader and having more revenue is to diversify how you deliver what you do.

Ronan teaches niche business owners and subject matter experts how to leverage their intellectual property into additional revenue models and increase their industry profile all through the innovative concept of virtual Masterminds.

Ronan loves seeing the benefits that Mastermind groups have on both the instructors and participants and has helped 100’s of business owners increase authority, revenue and expertise.

On this episode with Ronan Leonard:

  • What a Mastermind is
  • Different types of Masterminds
  • How to find or create your own Mastermind
  • Mistakes people make when starting their own Mastermind

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