The Revolutionary WorkApp - Shane Wallace

podcast Jun 22, 2019
Mark Struczewski, Shane Wallace

Shane Wallace is a present-day entrepreneur with a vision to spread prosperity and promote equality in the digital age. As co-founder and CEO of WorkApp, he has a passion for helping people solve today’s micro-moment problems with an all-in-one, free and easy to use platform that puts the user first. Over 15 years of personal development and coaching have taught Shane how to step out of the comfort zone and be creative and passionate. This is the message he empowers people with today. Shane truly believes that with the right motivation and support and with a big enough dream, anyone can create a positive difference in their world and the lives of others.

On this episode with Shane Wallace:

  • The story of how WorkApp started
  • Why we need to fail to succeed
  • Stepping out of our comfort zone

About the WorkApp


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