How to Stop Procrastinating Now!

procrastination Mar 29, 2019

Procrastination is an enemy to your productivity. I would even say it is an epidemic in our world.

But all hope is not lost.

It is possible to stop procrastinating.

Just as in life, when it comes to learning how to conquer procrastination, there’s a lot to be said about simplicity.

The easier it is to understand a concept or strategy, the more likely are you to implement it.

Some statistics

In 1978, 5% of people admitted to chronic procrastination. Today that number exceeds 25%

According to a 2008 survey from Guru, 40% of people have experienced financial loss due to procrastination.

1 in 5 people procrastinates so badly that it may be jeopardizing their jobs, credit, relationships, and even their health.

In 2002, the total amount in tax overpayments caused by procrastination was $473 million (and that's just the United States).

A 2012 business survey determined that the cost per year for procrastination in business is $10,396 per employee.

Cost-benefit analysis

The reward for doing a task you'd rather not do needs to feel larger than the doing the task now.

Perhaps you should read that last sentence again.

Tony Robbins has said, "you won't change until the pain of staying is greater than the changing.

Did you get that?

Visualize NOT procrastinating

Think about how it will feel.

For example, let's say you're always late.

You show up for meetings and turn in projects late.

How will it feel to be on time?

Or even better...early?

Social accountability

The next step to defeating procrastination is telling someone...or someones!

Write a blog post or create a video on social media. Admit that you're finished being a procrastinator. Share what you're going to do and ask people to hold you accountable.

But what if you don't do it?

Grab a sheet of paper and write down as many consequences you can think of if you remain a procrastinator.

It's important to write this down on paper in your own hand instead of using a device. It will become more real to you.

Keep writing consequences until you can't think of anything else.

Now the HOW

What is your first/next step?

Too often, we look at how far the finish line is when we haven't put our sneakers on yet.

If you're just starting to commit to stop procrastinating, what is the first thing you need to do?

  • Visualize?
  • Social accountability?
  • Creating a list of consequences?
  • Go hire a coach?
  • Take a friend out to lunch and talk to them about what you want to do?

As you begin to make progress on defeating procrastination, reward yourself (appropriately) for taking action. This will help you stay on the path.

Be on the look for and remove hidden blockages. What is the cause(s) of your procrastination? Why don't you want to do the task or project?

  • Do you not like your job because it's not what you want to do?
  • Are you trying to do something that others have told you that you should do but doesn't light you up?
  • Do you not like your long commute, co-workers, boss, wallpaper?

Get real with yourself.

4 strategies

Here are four very practical ideas to help you battle this productivity killer known as procrastination.

  1. Get organized - make it a priority to tell your time where to go (instead of wondering where it went). Whether this is at the end of your day or at the beginning, never enter a day in REactive mode. Live and work in PROactive mode.
  2. Set yourself up for success - get enough sleep, eat better, drink more water, declutter your life, make personal development (at least an hour a day) a priority
  3. Hang around productive people - read their blog, listen to their podcast, read their books, invest in them, follow them in social media.
  4. Schedule time for non-needle moving activities - you're going to do these anyway - surf social media, do a load of laundry (if you work from home), text friends, so schedule these on your calendar.

You can do this!

Punching procrastination in the face is possible IF you're willing stand up and do what needs to be done.

I know you can do this.

Do you?

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