The Last Time

reflection Jul 01, 2021
The Last Time

Have you ever stop to think about the last time you did something or visited someplace?

For reasons I can't explain, this happened to me just last night.

I thought about when I used to go to ice hockey games back in my hometown of Rochester, New York: the Rochester Americans (Rochesterians call them the Amerks). They're in the American Hockey League.

As a kid and young adult, I would go to games quite frequently. I can vividly remember riding with my Dad from our westside Rochester home to downtown where the Amerks played. I remember the inside of the arena (which has since been renovated and given a new name). 

And then there was walking out after a game, almost hoarse, into the cold night.

But...when was the last time I went? I have no clue. Only the memories remain.

Then there was Silver Stadium... the former home of the International League Rochester Red Wings.

The stadium is no longer there and the Red Wings play in another stadium...but many fond memories remain.

One, in particular, was a game, my Dad, grandpa, and I went to. I want to say this was in the late 1970s. Back then, you had paper tickets to enter the stadium (which had virtually no security). Typically, older gentlemen would be ticket-takers. Well, as Dad and I were waiting in line with ALL 3 of our tickets, we "lost" grandpa. Well, not really. Because of his age and the age of the ticker-takers, grandpa just walked in! Without a ticket! To this day, Dad and I talk about this and laugh (grandpa passed away in 1992).

Time marches on and most of us don't stop to document life.

I wish I would have taken more pictures (with my 110 film camera) or at least journaled these memories along the way.

Oh, how I wish I could go back in time.

But, like you, I'm too busy living life to document it.

A few months ago, I began to use a bullet journal to record my life as it happens but some days I'm good at doing this while others, not so much.

The fact is our brains are going to fail us...especially as we age. So, I'd argue it's important to take the time to jot down these memories or otherwise record them.

Someday, you're going to wish that you had.

Don't live with regret. Do something about it today.

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