These Things Will Kill Your Productivity

productivity Apr 04, 2022

Have you ever stopped to think about all the things that are killing your productivity?

If you were to create a list yourself, you'd quickly discover it is very long.

In this article, I'm going to highlight several of the big things that are killing your productivity, and what I want you to do is make mental notes as you read. And no matter how many you're guilty of, know that you're not alone. Everybody, who's honest, will admit, "Yeah, I struggle with that, too."

Number one: consuming social media. Notice how I wrote consuming social media. If you have a business, brand, or cause you're trying to promote, it's okay to be on social media. I'm referring to the endless scrolling on social media, looking at all kinds of memes, videos, and pictures.

Number two: the news. Unless you're a news reporter or in the news industry, stay away from the news. How productive is the news making you?

Number three: gossiping. Are you a gossiper? Do you talk about people? Maybe don't talk about other people directly to them, but you're gossiping in your head. 

Number four: arguing. How often have you argued with someone about something you're adamant about? Do you argue to argue? To what end? What effect did that have on your productivity?

Number five: notifications. I am not a zero notifications guy but an intentional notifications guy. This means I have notifications on my devices that serve me: calendar, debit and credit card apps, weather apps, among others. These apps serve me. When's the last time you went through ALL of your notifications and asked yourself if the notification helps or distracts you? If it distracts you, turn it off.

Number six: calls that go too long. Have you ever set up a 15- or 30-minute call with someone, and you're still talking at 45 minutes? Why? You both committed to a specific time limit. Stick to it. Calls that go too long are probably running into something else that you have put on your calendar.

Number seven: those webinars that you sign up for that you don't need to attend. Maybe you saw an ad on Instagram, Facebook, or a LinkedIn ad and signed up. Answer this question: will this webinar help you achieve your goals? If your answer is now, why are you signing up for it?

Number eight: comparing yourself to other people. Do you look at other people and think that you're not as good as them? Do you say to yourself, "Maybe you should give up? Why am I even doing this?" Comparing yourself to anyone else is a productivity killer because it invades your mind. You begin worrying about what other people are doing and saying,

Number nine: a negative attitude. When you allow negativity to seep into your mind, it has the power to shut your productivity down. You cannot be productive when you're angry,  negative, or comparing yourself to other people.

Number ten: trying to do too much. You think that being busy is being productive, but that is not true. You can be busy being productive. But just because you're busy doesn't mean you're productive. Be careful (and intentional!) about what you put on your schedule. The things you do every day should be moving you forward towards your goal.

My challenge for you: create your list. What are things killing your productivity? Don't think about them. Write them down. This is when they become real.

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