This is Why You're Not Productive

productivity Aug 26, 2021
A Villain

As a productivity coach, do you know what a single client has never said to me?

"Mark, how do I become more productive?"

I'm sorry, what was that?

It's true!

I've not had a single client even use the word productive, at least initially.

Still confused?

Let me explain.

Clients come to me saying that they are so overwhelmed. They explain how their to-do list seems to be an exercise in futility. Sort of like the Dead Sea - items go on it in order to die 😵.

The villain that is preventing you from being your most productive self is OVERWHELM.

Just the word sends shivers down your spine.

What does it look like to be overwhelmed?

Let's start with your health. The more overwhelm you experience, the more stress you put on your body, both emotionally and physically.

This can lead to irritability, being short-tempered, aggressive (especially toward the people you love the most), and maybe even depression.

As you can imagine, all of these things can dramatically affect your sleep.

Picture a boulder rolling down a hill. It picks up more and more speed as it rolls, becoming more difficult to stop it.

When will you hit bottom?

Will it be when you get written up at work for lackluster performance? Or worse, fired?

What about your family? Will they distance themselves from you? Maybe your spouse will say those devastating words, "I think I need time to be alone to think"


I think you get the point.

As Barney Fife used to say on The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968), when overwhelm begins to raise its ugly head...

You've got to nip it in the bud!

What does that mean?

It means to not let the overwhelm grow. Don't let it continue.

You need to do whatever you can to "nip it in the bud." To stop it.

How do you stop the overwhelm villain?

The answer to the question is IN the question: stop!

You need to stop and think. 🤔

I encourage you to gift yourself some time where you can go someplace quiet with a notebook, something to write with, a glass of refreshing water, and write.

Write everything that is bothering you.

Keep writing until you've exhausted every item.

Then, I want you to close your eyes and take several deep breaths. (Yes, I'm serious about this.)

I want you to extend yourself grace. Say out loud, "this isn't so bad; I can do this. I've got this!"

Now that you've done all of that, begin to prioritize.

What's the first thing you should do? Just pick one.

Then, what's the next thing?

Putting things in order of priority will part the dark clouds of overwhelm, forcing your villain to leave and allowing you to resume your life in a much better state.

You're not alone

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Got questions?

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You've got this. I know it. you?

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