Finding Balance as an Entrepreneur - Violette de Ayala

podcast productivity Aug 02, 2019
Mark Struczewski, Violette de Ayala

Violette de Ayala is a Cuban-American serial and social entrepreneur, Founder of FemCity® and virtual mentor to over 20,000 women. Violette has been quoted in Success, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Yahoo Small Business, Business Insider News as a small business expert. Violette has also been seen in featured campaigns in People, InStyle, and Real Simple magazines. She served as part of The White House: Women Environmental Leaders Program and was a commissioned Keynote speaker for Accenture’s International Women's Month Event, the SBA Regional Women's Conference, and Luxury Brand Partners. FemCity has been seen in Gilt, Vogue, AP, Mashable, and Fast Company and has over 100 locations in the US, Canada, and the Islands.  

On this episode with Violette de Ayala:

  • Happiness and productivity are tied
  • What small business owners do that prevent their productivity
  • How leaders help their people be more productive
  • The power of consistency 

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