What You Don't Understand About Productivity

productivity Mar 14, 2022

So you think you know how to be productive.

Well, good for you.

But do yourself a favor and set aside any beliefs you have for a few moments because I've got four things to share with you that you may not understand about productivity.

There is more than one way to be productive.

I am a student first and an expert second when it comes to productivity, and that's something I learned from Brendon Burchard. As a result, I'm constantly reading books, listening to podcasts, and following other people who are productive. They may not necessarily be a "productivity expert," but they're very efficient.

Then there's this: what works for me, a married man with no kids at home, may not work for you. So, figure out how you can be productive with whatever you have going on in your life. It can be done.

Your productivity is your responsibility.

It's not up to your coworkers, manager, company, neighbors, Zoom, HubSpot, social media, or anything else out there. You being productive is up to you. Take full responsibility for this.

It takes consistency.

You can't be super productive on Monday, 50% on Tuesday, and somewhat better on Wednesday, but then Thursday is a train wreck. You need to be productive every day.

Are you consistently producing at high levels? If your answer is no, well: Congratulations! Welcome to the real world!

I'm known as Mister Productivity, and if I were ever to tell you on social media, on The Mark Struczewski Podcast, in person, or on my blog that I am productive 24/7/365, I would be lying to you.

I don't care what your name or title is or what letters you have after your name; everyone has bad days and good days. Hopefully, you have more excellent or productive days than bad days. But we ALL have bad days. But still, aim to be consistently effective.

Everyone, even you, can be more productive.

I don't care if you rate your productivity as an A+ or a ten on a scale from one to 10; everyone can learn to be more productive. By the way, I don't believe anyone's an A+ or a 10 when it comes to productivity. 

Learn how to be more productive every day. And not just from productivity experts. For example, look at the people you work with. Maybe there's someone who always seems to get a lot done efficiently. Study what they're doing. Always have your opportunity antennas up to learn new ways to be more productive.

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