Why I Love Snapchat

snapchat Sep 13, 2021
Why I Love Snapchat

Hi, my name is Mark Struczewski, I'm a 56-year-young solopreneur, and I love Snapchat.

In a world where we have a seemingly endless choice of social media platforms, why in the world would I want to be on Snapchat?


I'll elaborate on that in a moment but first, understand that Snapchat is not the only platform I am on. You can find me on LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram. I have a Facebook profile, page, and group, but I'm not active there. And don't look for me on Twitter because I deleted my account several months ago. And I'm considering finally trying out Clubhouse (I just checked, and I have 126 followers, which is amazing seeing how I've done nothing there except grab my username).

But, back to Snapchat.

Four things you didn't know about Snapchat

1) Facebook tried to buy Snapchat not once but twice. The first time was in 2013 and the second in 2016. Their offer was $3B.

2) Google floated an offer of $30 billion in 2016 to buy Snapchat.

3) I check the Top Free Apps on the Apple App Store weekly, and Snapchat is almost always in the top 5 (along with TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Amazon).

4) In September 2020, Snapchat added Permanent Public Profiles. So, while Stories still disappear after 24 hours, if you have a Public Profile, the videos stay for as long as you want them to. With a Public Profile, people can subscribe to see your content without being your friend.

Hmmmmmmm 🤔

If Snapchat is "dead" or not worth being on, as some are wont to believe, then why would Facebook and Google try to buy it?

And why is it always one of the top free apps?

I love Snapchat's tagline: Share the Moment.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, you can only do two things on Snapchat: post photos and videos (called snaps).

I enjoy Snapchat because out of ALL of the social media platforms, they are (wait for it!) the funnest. Yes, I did use incorrect English (despite Grammarly's attempt to correct it).

While Facebook, Instagram, and others have stolen most of Snapchat's features, they did Stories first, and they are still the best at them.

They even have a TikTok-like feature where you can watch short-form videos.

Let's get nerdy!

According to Wallaroo Media, as of  June 2021, Snapchat has:

  • Over 500 million users
  • 280 Million daily users
  • Around 18 billion daily video views
  • Over 5 billion daily snaps created
  • The average time spent per user each day on Snapchat is over 30 minutes
  • 125 million people got their news from Snapchat over the last year
  • Over 60 Snapchat Shows have got at least 10 million viewers per month
  • Time spent watching Discover content has increased 35% year over year

If you haven't checked out Snapchat in a while (or ever!)...

I invite you to try it out.

There are no feeds, groups, public comments to posts (only the author sees what you comment on a snap), and you can't go live. But I think this is what makes Snapchat so fun.

And then there are the filters. Oh. My. Goodness. So much fun.

By the way, major advertisers pay for filters. Why would anyone pay for advertising on a dead or dying platform?

Then there's this.

I spend less time on Snapchat than I do on any other network. I really do capture and share the moment. 

Granted, Snapchat isn't for everyone.

But how do you know if it's for you or not if you've only thought Snapchat is just for kids? The truth is you don't know until you check it out. What have you got to lose?

If you are on Snapchat or take me up on joining, follow me!

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