Why Time Management is Not Important

time management Aug 14, 2021
Why Time Management is Not Important

According to Wikipedia, time management is "the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities."

And as a productivity expert and trainer, you may be confused by reading that I think time management is a waste of, dare I say it, time!

Yes, you did read that correctly.

I think that time management is not important.

Well, it's not as important as...doing the right things.

I believe that Pareto's Principle is alive and well in nearly every aspect of our lives. This principle states that "roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes."

Likely, 80% of the people who read these words are not even planners. They live each day, hour, and minute as it comes. I'm not writing for these people.

Taking this further, I believe that of the remaining 20% that do plan, 80% of them are not planning effectively.

It's not enough to plan. It would be best if you planned the right things.

Everyone on this planet gets the same 168 hours to spend in a week. That's 10,080 minutes or 604,800 seconds.

Never forget: time doesn't care how you spend it. It couldn't possibly care less if you spend it wisely or foolishly.

And...time keeps on marching on.

A new approach to planning

Before you plan your tomorrow, next week, next month, do this: grab a notebook, something to write with, your favorite beverage (I recommend water), and go off someplace quiet. Gift yourself the time to brainstorm what you want/need to do. And don't rush the process. Give it your full attention.

When you're done, then you can begin putting these events on your calendar.

Tony Robbins is credited with saying, "life happens for you, not to you."

Take the same approach to your planning: create a plan for you (this is being proactive) instead of, well, just letting whatever happens to happen.

What say you?

I'd love to know what you think.

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