Why You Are Struggling to be Productive

productivity Jun 11, 2019

You have the best of intentions.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be more productive?

You read books, blogs, social media posts and attend webinars, conferences and live streams about how to be more productive. 

You’ve even found and followed productivity thought leaders. Maybe subscribed to their email newsletter.

And yet, you are still struggling to get things done.


Perhaps you are making things complicated.

You’re taking simple concepts to getting things done and making them complex.

Complexity is the gateway to procrastination.

Let me explain.

If you fail to understand the basic concepts of productivity, there is no app or software that is going to magically do it for you.

For example, my biggest tip on how to be productive is: get what you need to remember out of your head. This involves either getting these thoughts into an app or into notebook.

The problem is when you obsess over the “perfect app” (which doesn’t exist) or what notebook you should use (including going shopping for that awesome new notebook which will likely take you hours and further delay you actually doing anything about it). This is making the simple, complex.

One of the questions I refuse to answer is, “what apps do you use?” The reason is I because my answer will not magically solve your issue. 

Avoid the temptation, however enticing it may be, to make the simple complex.

Before you do anything else, master the concept. (This applies to almost anything.)

In other words, when you begin practicing the concept of getting the stuff out of your head, just grab any notebook you happen to have lying around and begin to write the things in your head into the notebook. Or just open the notes app that came with your smart phone.

That’s it. Just do it!

Don’t worry about what app you will use or anything else. Just concern yourself with mastering the simple concept.

Making the simple complex is what is preventing you from becoming more productive.

Will you commit to stop making the simple complex?


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