Steps to Living the Non Nine to Five - Jen Shultz

podcast Apr 04, 2020

Jen Shultz is the Founder of The Non-Nine-to-Five(tm) - providing education and coaching to Non-Nine-to-Fivers so they quit their job, stand on their own two feet, and find their purpose. Jen does this using a carefully curated 6 step process she designed from her own personal experience when she went against all safe norms and quit her job as a special education teacher over 9 years ago and became an entrepreneur.

On this episode, Jen and Mark talk about the unusual say she left her teaching job, a regret she had from when she started and a powerful question you need to answer.

Her website


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Oh No! We’re Among the 10 Million Americans Who Filed for Unemployment!

podcast Apr 03, 2020

In March 2020, a record 10 million people filed for unemployment in the United States due to losing their job due to the global pandemic. On this episode, I chat with my wife who was among the 10 million. We discuss how she's dealing with the loss.


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How to Live an Empowering Life - William Gay

podcast Apr 02, 2020

William brings you the change that you desire as a Life Coach and Leadership Consultant and has been helping people like you and business for over 30 years. As a successful entrepreneur, he has owned a resort and marina as well as other business and has taken the spiritual journey of living on the streets for a year. You can skip all sorts of steps by finding someone who has been there and can help.

On this episode, we talk about how people dealt with challenges in the past, what the 1% do, excuses, dwellers vs doers and a big "secret" to success.


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10 Ways to be Productive During the Global Pandemic of 2020

podcast Apr 01, 2020

This is a replay of the free, live webinar I conducted on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, where I share 10 ways to be productive during Covid19. Note: I had to remove "Covid19" from the title of the show because Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast players were removing shows with that word in the title.


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What to Do When You’re Stuck

podcast Mar 31, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck? I mean, you KNEW what to even had a list. But you just couldn't get going? Then this episode is for you.


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10 Productivity Tools That I Use

podcast Mar 30, 2020

I get asked a lot what productivity tools I use, so here they are in no particular order:

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Helping Children Navigate a Difficult World - Wendy Gilhula

podcast Mar 26, 2020

Wendy Gilhula is an educator, writer, and author of the Pika Bunny book series. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Tennessee, Wendy has created an innovative learning series that teaches understanding and kindness. Pika Bunny and the Thunderstorm (2017), Pika Bunny Has a Big Question (2018), and Pika Bunny Says EEP! (2019), feature life lessons children often face in a complicated world and presents tools to help them navigate such complexities with bravery, understanding, and kindness. Ms. Gilhula’s books are a yearly feature at the New York City Book Expo America and Book Con. Ms. Gilhula has devoted her career, spanning over twenty years, to helping children. A former dance teacher, she has specialized in supporting creative expression. As a math tutor, Ms. Gilhula has a unique ability to relate to children in a way that promotes excellence. Her books have been recommended by therapists, counselors, activists, and teachers alike.

In this...

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Say Things Better with Lila Smith

podcast Mar 24, 2020

Lila Smith has zero Executing-themed Strengths in her Top 10, according to Clifton Strengthsfinder. In order to get ANYthing done, she leverages her full YouMap®, which includes Influential and Strategic strengths, her values for community and storytelling, her performative nature and history in the theater, and skillset of verbal and visual communication. And she NEEDS to get stuff done because she’s running her own company, traveling the world, and revolutionizing the way people communicate.

On this episode, we talk about intentional communication, frameworks, swearing/filler words, expectations, setting intentions and marriage advice.

Her website

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How to be Productive During Self-Isolation 2020

podcast Mar 23, 2020

Today is Monday, March 23rd.

It's been 127 days since the first 1st known case of coronavirus in China.

And what a 127 days it’s been!

As you read this, you are more than likely in self-isolation.

Maybe you’re working from home or you have been laid off or worse (I’m sorry!) and now you are wondering what you can do.

I’m going to share 6 ways you can be productive during your self-isolation.

Stay informed but not obsessed

It’s okay to watch the news and/or check-in on social media so you stay in the know. But only do it sparingly.

When you stay connected to what’s happening in the world all day and night, it’s going to make you more overwhelmed, anxious, scared, frustrated, worried, and a whole bunch of other negative emotions.

And while I’m no doctor, I have to believe that that is not good for your immune system.

Watch something other than the news
Let me clarify this: watch something that makes you laugh or feel good. Avoid shows...

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2 Productivity Experts Have a Conversation - Steve Dotto

podcast Mar 20, 2020

Steve Dotto is the host of Dott Tech, a how-to YouTube channel that migrated from the broadcast TV world in 2011 to YouTube. He also hosts a podcast, Grey Matters, which teaches Baby Boomers how to remain relevant in the digital age.

On this episode, we talk about working from home, habits, grace, Evernote, Google Calendar and we debate analog versus digital productivity.

The Grey Matters Podcast


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