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How to Win on LinkedIn Plus Why Mark Doesn't Swear - Shay Rowbottom

podcast Jan 28, 2020

Shay Rowbottom is the co-founder and former COO of a Facebook agency that worked with companies like PetCo, Yahoo, Verlo and dozens more in creating content and devising content strategies for social media. Since joining the LinkedIn platform in May of 2018, Shay has grown to over 180,000 followers, garnered over ten million views on her content, and generated seven figures in sales for partnering media companies. Now, she's ready to share her strategies with you and produce the same kind of results for your brand.

On this episode, we talk about how to effectively use video on LinkedIn, what to do when you're engagement stops and why Mark doesn't swear (a neat conversation, indeed!).

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Why I Don't Check Email or Social Media on Saturdays

podcast Jan 26, 2020

It all started on Christmas Eve 2019. It was then I had the crazy idea of not checking email or social media on Christmas Day. Now, I do this once a week. Let me tell you why and the results.


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What's Keeping You From Being Your Most Productive Self - Ron Webb

podcast Jan 23, 2020

Ron Webb likes solving really big problems, especially with a team that takes self-accountability seriously and wants to solve the big problems, too.

On this episode, we talk about accountability, confirmation bias, negative talk, roadblocks to productivity and how to use the snooze feature on email.

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How to Seriously Get More Done

podcast Jan 22, 2020

On this episode, I'm going to teach you four big ideas on how you can seriously get more done now. Chances are really good that if you're watching this video or listening to this podcast, you want to become more productive. But maybe you don't know how. Maybe you're trying different things. You're following different thought leaders, and you're saying, "maybe this episode, maybe this podcast, maybe this video is going to give you the strategies on how to become more productive." I certainly hope so. That's my goal.

So let's start out with the first idea. You have got to figure out what you need to do. Now, in case you missed what I just said, let me repeat it. You need to figure out what you need to do. Translation: you're doing way too much, way too much.

And the exercise I have for you is called the ODAE exercise. ODAE is an acronym that stands for outsource, delegate, automate, and eliminate.

So here's what I want to do. Over the course of two or three days, I want you to write...

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How to Successfully Grow Your Business - Leslie Tayne

podcast Jan 16, 2020

Leslie H. Tayne, Esq. is an award-winning financial attorney and author of Life & Debt. She has over 20 years of experience in consumer and business financial debt solutions. Leslie is the founder and managing director of Tayne Law Group, P.C., a New York-based law firm dedicated to debt management, debt resolution, and bankruptcy alternatives.

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4 Myths About Time

podcast Jan 15, 2020

One of the things I hear often is I don't have enough time. I think it's very interesting when people tell me this because when I study high performers, whether it's a Mark Cuban or Brendon Burchard or Grant Cardone, or whatever case may be, they are much busier than the average person. Probably busier than you and me. And they have time. So when people tell me they don't have time, I start to wonder why.

And so in this video, on this podcast, I want to share four big myths about time. Now, these are not all the myths about time, I just picked four myths and created this episode for you because I want to address these four issues, these four myths.

Now, the first one is "I don't have enough time". Now as I alluded to the high performers I just mentioned a few minutes ago, they have the exact same amount of time every day as you do. Now, it's not a question of, do you have the time? You've got the time. What you don't have is intentionality. You don't have priority.

How many times...

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Fitness and Optimum Health for Busy People - Darren Kirby

podcast Jan 14, 2020

Darren Kirby was an overweight, busy Dad in his late 30's. He educated himself on nutrition and fitness - loosing nearly 62 pounds and has entered multiple Ironman competitions in the process. He is now passionate about encouraging Dads and men in their forties to improve their fitness and nutrition and live a happy and healthier life.

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Making the 'Messy' Business of Being Human Just a Little Bit Easier - Katie Elliott

podcast Jan 09, 2020

Katie Elliott is the founder of Little Challenges, a place to find simple, practical, evidence-based ideas of ways to make the 'messy' business of being human just a little bit easier. She hosts the 'Adventures in Behaviour Change' podcast where she interviews behavioral scientists, psychologists, authors and people with real-life experience of significant behavior change and asks them to share a 'Little Challenge' that listeners can try at home.

Her website

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5 Ways You’re Wasting Time

podcast Jan 08, 2020

Today, I want to talk to you about wasting time.

Everyone on this planet, unless it's your last day on it, which I hope it's not, hope you don't die today, you have 24 hours to spend every single day. And that's 168 hours a week. That's a lot of time.

And over the last couple of years, I have done a lot of studying of high performers. And what I've learned is what high performers do and what the rest of the world do, there's a huge difference. And I want to share with you five ways that you're wasting your time and then give you some suggestions on what high performers do with their time. And it's probably a reason why they are wealthy, successful and performing at a high level. So let's just dive right in and let's get to the first big waste of your time.

You probably know what I'm going to say. You don't need to be a mind reader if you have been living in our society for last 10 years. You know, I'm going to say social media.

Social media is designed not to be your friend. Don't...

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Mental Health, Stigmas & Self-Care - Lauren Polly

podcast Jan 07, 2020

Lauren Polly is a speaker, life coach and multi-award-winning author of The Other Side of Bipolar. Her mission in life is to help others thrive beyond their labels, reclaim their innate gifts and blaze a unique trail in the world.

On this episode, we discuss the stigma of mental illness, bridging the gap, the importance of self-awareness and how you can deal with mental illness at work and at home.

Her website 

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