Complain Much? complain productivity Dec 20, 2020

Do you want to know how you can derail your productivity?

It’s something that we all can easily fall into.

I’m not talking about planning, though you should be a planner,
but complaining.

If you spend your time complaining about this, that, and the other thing, you are not going to be as productive as you would be if you didn't complain.

I want you to think about how often you complain about traffic, about the weather, about politics, about COVID-19.

Now, I want you to...

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Sleep Success energy productivity sleep Dec 19, 2020

When you wake up, do you feel refreshed or do you feel fatigued?

If you feel fatigued, you're probably not sleeping well.

Now, it's not just about sleeping well, it's about setting your body up for sleep success.

Neuroscience has proven that the body loves consistency.

The body loves to go to sleep at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning.

It doesn't like the roller coaster ride.

So if you truly want to get a good night's sleep and you want to be energetic...

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Unveiling the Mystery of PR - Jay Feldman podcast Dec 18, 2020

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Jay Feldman is an osteopathic medical doctor as well as the founder of Otter PR, a 7 figure PR agency. He has been featured in Business Insider and International Business Times as an Entrepreneur to watch in 2020.

Jay and Mark discuss what PR (public relations) is, how to go about doing it, the mistakes people make when doing PR, influencer marketing plus "mic swap"! 

His website

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Embrace the Whitespace productivity scheduling whitespace Dec 17, 2020

When you plan, and you SHOULD plan, I'm always telling you:
"Tell your time where to go, instead of wondering where it went."

You need to allow your schedule to breathe.

What does that mean?

Do not schedule every minute of your day.

You need to allow your schedule to breathe.


That call IS going to run late.

That coaching call, that client IS gonna call late.

Your Internet's gonna blip or maybe go out.

Maybe your power goes out.

Maybe you get an unexpected package delivery from FedEx or...

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Who Cares? So What? productivity so what who cares why Dec 16, 2020

Who cares? So what?

Those are two very powerful questions you should ask whether you're building out your social media platform, your social media profile, posting, commenting, writing an email newsletter, sending that email.

Who cares?

So what?

Think about those two questions.

Think about the messages you receive, whether through IM or through email or the posts you read, or the newsletters you get.

Think about those questions.

So what?

Who cares?

Gives you something to think about, does it...

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Focused Productivity - Alan Lazaros podcast Dec 16, 2020

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Alan Lazaros is a professional speaker, podcaster, and business consultant. His primary focus is on peak performance and empowering others to design a world-class life.
Alan and Mark discuss focus and essentialism, windshield time, picking the gaps in your knowledge, awareness, the silence between the notes, and more!
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Books I've Read (And Recommend) books Dec 15, 2020

I'm an avid reader. So much so, that I strive to read a minimum of one hour a day and 52 books a year. While I don't always achieve those goals, I do read a lot.

Here is a list of books I have read and recommend. (Note: the links provided are affiliate links to Amazon. Should you purchase a book or books from this list, I will get a small commission but that does not cost you more.)

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)

Shut Up and Listen!:...

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You Need to Have Office Hours boundaries entrepreneur productivity Dec 15, 2020

If you're an entrepreneur and you're working from home like so many of us are,
you need to have office hours.

The office hours don't just serve your clients. They also serve you.

It's really important that you establish the boundaries known as office hours.

And I don't want you to keep it in your head.

I want you to post your office hours in your home office so you see them.

It's not good to work whenever, as much as you want.

You need to have time when you're on the clock and time when you're...

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How to Deal with Anxiety - Bibinaz Onsori anxiety podcast Dec 15, 2020

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Bibi Onsori is an anxiety coach who helps professionals end anxiety permanently. She understands the true suffering of her clients and people with anxiety because she lived it first-hand. Having lived through very intense anxiety, Bibi has now been free of anxiety for 4 wonderful years. Not even a single day!

Bibi and Mark discuss dealing with anxiety, how the media is not good for you, mindset, social media and...

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Get Hours Back of Your Time with the ODAE Exercise productivity Dec 14, 2020

Are you doing too much?

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do?

Here's an idea: do my ODAE day exercise.

O D A E.

It stands for outsource, delegate, automate, and eliminate.

It's real simple.

Over the course of two or three days, I want you to write down everything you do: personal and professional.

At the end of this time, I want you to put your list aside for about a day, and then the following day, I want you to go through every item you just wrote down.

If it can be...

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3 Ways the Bullet Journal System Rocks bujo bullet journal podcast Dec 14, 2020

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In this episode, I share three ways why I love the Bullet Journal Method. Yes, tech is all the rage...but there's something about the BuJo!

I am in love with the bullet journal.

Now, if you're not familiar with the bullet journal craze, also known as BuJo, let me explain to you what the bullet journal is all about. Most of us use our smartphones for to-do lists, calendars, and journaling. The bullet journal...

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Consistency is Key consistency Dec 13, 2020

What are you doing consistently every single day that is helping you become a better person?

That is moving the needle towards your goals and dreams?

It's all about consistency.

For example, August 29, 2017, I decided to run at least one mile every single day. Today, 1,203 days later.

I also am trying to become conversationally fluent in French. So I spent 15 minutes every day doing my Duolingo lesson.

What can you do every day that, even if it's a little thing, moves you towards your goals,...

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