5 Ways to a More Productive Life podcast productivity Feb 14, 2021

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While there are certainly more than five ways to a more productive life, in this episode, Mark talks about positivity, confidence, competence, patience, and being a student.

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A Healthier You in 2021 (and Beyond) healthy productivity Feb 13, 2021

Getting healthy is a choice.

No one is going to force you to make better choices when it comes to your health.

But understand that every choice you make, good or bad, has consequences.

Make healthy choices, and those consequences could include longer life, vibrancy, and a lower chance of dementia.

However, making unhealthy choices could result in a shortened life with pain, listlessness, and dementia.

Here are eight things you can do to become a healthier you.


I love my...

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Use Your 24 Hours Wisely podcast Feb 13, 2021

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In this snippet from a speaking engagement, listen as I share a strategy for keeping track of what you need to accomplish.

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Lessons I Learned from Joining the 5 AM Club the 5am club Feb 12, 2021

I’m a member of the 5 am Club. And have been since February 4, 2020.

But it took me nearly 55 years to join!

I heard quotes such as these over and over again:

  • “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
  • “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.” ~ Richard Whately
  • “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.” ~ Aristotle
  • ...
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The Importance of Mindfulness - Diane Titterton mindfulness podcast Feb 12, 2021

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Diane Titterton is a mindfulness coach who helps professionals achieve more and worry less.

You get to eavesdrop on Diane and Mark's conversation. Included: uncertainty in our world, focusing on the wrong things, being fully present in the here and now, practice counting your blessings, distractions and mindset, mic swap, and more!

Her website

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Social Media as a Jealous Lover social media Feb 11, 2021

Social media is not your friend.

Unfortunately, I know many people who disagree with that statement.

Not only is social media not your friend, but it’s a jealous lover. In other words, they want you to stay on their platform…forever. And, even after that.

Dead people can have memorial pages on FaceBook.

“Show me the money!” is a classic line from the 1996 film Jerry Maguire.

And while Friendster wasn’t created until 2002, MySpace in 2003, Facebook in 2004, and...

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Permission to Be Human and Feel it All - Mary Hyatt podcast Feb 11, 2021

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Mary Hyatt is a life and business mindset coach who specializes in helping high-achieving female entrepreneurs move from living a life of burnout to a life connected to their emotions, bodies, and spirit.

Listen in as Mary and Mark discuss the importance of keeping office hours when working from home, capacity limits, enough is enough, non-negotiables, personality archetypes, end-of-workday shutoff routines, radical honesty, mic swap, and...

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How I'm Mitigating My Chances of Getting Alzheimer's Disease alzheimer's disease Feb 10, 2021

My Mom is the best in the world and is now a 3-year-old trapped in a 74-year-old body.

It’s because of her and my Dad that I’m here writing these words.

My Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in early 2018 but started showing signs of the illness in 2017.

Mom’s mother died from Alzheimer’s in June 2014.

If you aren’t aware, Alzheimer’s “is a type of dementia that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. Symptoms eventually grow severe...

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Becoming Bulletproof in 2021 - Debra Wanger podcast Feb 10, 2021

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Debra Wanger is an actor, singer, speaker, Bulletproof Human Potential Coach, author of The Resilient Actor.

Join Debra and Mark as they discuss our biggest fears, what the new normal may look like, playing the "I might as well" game, mic swap, and more!

Her website

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Where I'm Spending My Time in 2021 productivity social media time Feb 09, 2021

Every midnight, you get a gift of another 24 hours.

How you spend those hours is completely up to you.

Will you waste them or spend them working on needle-moving activities?

This matters because no matter how you spend your time, one fact remains: you can’t ever get the time you wasted back.

So, as I navigate 2021, I have decided on 5 places where I will spend my time. I’m not going to be everywhere, just where my people are (or, as Seth Godin puts it, my tribe).

Plus, I want to...

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Remote Recruitment in 2021 - Anna Shcherbyna podcast recruiting Feb 09, 2021

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For the past 9 years, Anna Shcherbyna has worked in operations and recruitment for companies and remote businesses. Currently, she runs a recruitment agency that helps online businesses hire top remote talent via an affordable done-for-you service.

You get to eavesdrop as Anna and Mark discuss working from home, boundaries, tips for hiring someone remotely, ghosting, the importance of long-term thinking, the human element, mic swap, and...

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6 Tools That Help Me Have Awesome Productivity productivity tools Feb 08, 2021

I realize you don’t have the time or desire to weed through all the productivity apps to find which ones are worth using and which ones you should steer clear of.

Note: none of the apps mentioned in this article are paying me to write about them. In fact, until this article was posted, they didn’t even know about it. I take your trust very seriously and don’t want to be swayed by developers.

Now, here are my favorite productivity tools as of today.

Fantastical from...

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