147: John Espirian, The relentlessly helpful technical copywriter

podcast May 15, 2018

John Espirian is a British freelance technical copywriter and editorial consultant. He specialises in producing simple B2B support content that helps business owners gain and retain customers.


Where you can find John online:





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Donna Serdula: Brand Strategist ♛ Writer of POWERFUL LinkedIn Profiles

podcast Sep 19, 2017

Donna Serdula has proven that a strong and optimized LinkedIn profile is the key to performing well on LinkedIn. The author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies, Donna and her team of LinkedIn profile writers have optimized over 5,000 LinkedIn profiles.


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My Worst Podcast Ever

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2017

Welcome to the worst podcast I've ever done! HA! Why? Because this is my first podcast ever, so by definition, this should be my worst podcast. If not, then I'm doing something wrong. It is my goal to improve with each one.

And so it begins...

My name is Mark Struczewski and I am a next level productivity specialist. I help people just like you take their productivity to, well, the next level. What do I mean by that? I explain in this premiere episode.

In this introduction podcast, I tell you my story. Why I decided to create a podcast (and it's not because podcasts are white hot!) and what my vision is.

But wait, there's more!

I will deliver value in every episode. Including this one. So, it's not just a "Hi, I'm Mark Struczewski and this is my story" podcast.


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