Staying Productive with 11 Kids - LaChelle Adkins

podcast May 20, 2019

LaChelle Adkins is married to Jerome Adkins. The couple have been married for 26 years and have 15 children. They had 13 children together and Jerome has 2 other sons.

In 2017, LaChelle began pursuing life coaching due successfully overcoming 3 hospitalizations in a behavioral hospital for stress and depression.

Her coaching aims to work on the mindset and to overcome limiting beliefs.She works closely with clients to build their confidence in expressing their own voice to fully enjoy life to the fullest.

On this episode with LaChelle Adkins:

  • Yes, it IS possible to be productive with 11 kids
  • How a large family can work together
  • Does LaChelle ever have the house to herself?


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6 Distractions Killing Your Productivity

podcast May 17, 2019

Here are 6 things that are killing your productivity: notifications, people, your environment, your schedule (planning), technology and your attitude/mindset. On this episode, I discuss these 6 things and give you some strategies to consider.


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The Power of Feedback - Rob Temple and Kennedy

podcast May 15, 2019

Rob and Kennedy are the most unlikely entrepreneurs you'll ever meet. Sporting hairstyles that look like comic-book characters and backgrounds in psychology, hypnosis, and show-business – it's hard to believe they're serial entrepreneurs with an uncanny knack for building businesses with riotous email marketing. These guys are great for bringing entertainment, knowledge and powerful marketing strategy straight to your podcast audience.

On this episode with Rob Temple and Kennedy:

  • Surveys are powerful for feedback but most are not created well
  • How to create efficient surveys
  • The biggest mistakes people make with their surveys

The link for trying ResponseSuite for 14 days and goodies!

3 Marketers Walk Into A Podcast


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Sales and Productivity - Youssef Bakhsh

podcast May 13, 2019

Youssef Bakhsh leads the sales and business development function of the company and he helps businesses CreateTheEdge by leading team members through Collaborating to Co-Create and redefine their approach to get the Competitive Advantage.

On this episode with Youssef Bakhsh:

  • Mistakes sales people make
  • What doesn't work in sales anymore
  • Marbles up the nose?
  • The role culture plays
  • How Youssef stays productive

Youssef on LinkedIn


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3 Easy Strategies for Improved Productivity

podcast May 10, 2019

In this episode, I discuss three things you can do to improve your productivity. And these are easy to understand but whether or not they are easy to implement is up to you.


I run every day and right now, I’m listening to the audio book, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor (affiliate link). Get this book! How happy are you? Now what you tell your friends. Not what you tell yourself. The truth.


I talked about this before but it needs repeating because the data shows so many people around the world are not getting enough sleep. Minimum is 8. I’ve read estimates up to 10 hours. You need to sleep as long as you need to … as long as it is at least 8 hours. Read Arianna Huffington's The Sleep Revolution (affiliate link).


You gotta move. Every day. No excuses. I don’t care what you do to move…just move.

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How to Conduct Effective Meetings - Ruth Pearce

podcast May 08, 2019

Ruth Pearce is a project motivator, author, speaker, and coach. She also conducts research into the role of the project manager and their strengths. Her passion is studying and experimenting to understand what makes teams tick. She created her book Be a Project Motivator: Unlock the Secrets of Strengths-based Project Management to give project managers the kickstart they need to transform their teams and projects. Ken Blanchard said of her book, “Read Be a Project Motivator and watch your project teams thrive.”

On this episode with Ruth Pearce:

  • Challenges of projector managers
  • How to REALLY hold effective meetings
  • The different kinds of meetings
  • The power of having a single purpose


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How to Succeed in Business with Jaime Masters

podcast May 06, 2019

Jaime Masters has been featured on Yahoo's homepage 6 times, and in Inc, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. She's been a top Business Coach for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of 6 & 7 figure Entrepreneurs and Business Owners optimize every area of their business.

Jaime is also the host of the online show - Eventual Millionaire, where she's interviewed over 400 self-made millionaires. She's also a tech geek, has two kiddos - and even has a sword wall in her house - Plus she loves creating automated systems and talking business growth.

On this episode with Jaime Masters:

  • The power of mastermind groups
  • How Jaime got her start (don't do what she did!)
  • How to start and grow your side hustle
  • A simple strategy she learned from interviewing over 400 self-made millionaires
  • What mistakes entrepreneurs make when they start out
  • How to build a team
  • The power of batching
  • How Jaime stays productive

Books mentioned on the show (these are affiliate links):

The Eventual Millionaire:...

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What Notifications You Need Enabled on Your Phone

productivity smartphone May 03, 2019

I get asked about notifications a lot.

So in this post, I’m going to share my thoughts of what notifications you should and should not have enabled on your phone.

How many notifications should you have enabled?

Short answer: as few as possible.

Translation: not all of them!

Notifications are distractions.

Think about how many times your phone dings, bings, swooshes, or vibrates over the course of a day.

Let me ask it another way: what would other people think? If you don't know, ask them. Or look around when your phone starts to make noise.

Before we get too far

There are many types of notifications (at least on the iPhone):

  • Banners - pop up on your lock screen
  • Sounds
  • Badges - that little number in a circle that tells you how many unread messages you have
  • Notification Center - on the iPhone, your notifications show up here if you have it selected. These are separate from the lock screen pop-ups.

You don't have to have them all enabled.

I don’t...

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Can You be Productive on Social Media? - Cathy Wassell

podcast May 01, 2019

Cathy Wassell is a Lead Generation Strategist specializing in LinkedIn and Facebook Ads who helps coaches and consultants build a pipeline of new clients. She runs a digital agency, Socially Contented, co-founded a membership for new businesses, Go With The Pro, and trains entrepreneurs and new businesses on how to get more clients with her Leads Machine courses. She lives in Stratford upon Avon, UK, about 2 minutes' walk from Shakespeare's house. She has two teens and two crazy spaniels and isn't sure which are more trouble.

On this episode with Cathy Wassell:

  • How social media stifles our productivity and how we can beat it
  • How to use Facebook ads to boost your business.
  • Mistakes people make when using Facebook ads

Where you can find Cathy:


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Talking about Human Behavior with Richard Flint

podcast Apr 29, 2019

Richard Flint has been on the national lecture circuit for 34 years, doing an average of 125 events a year. His expertise is Human Behavior and his gift is taking what is confusing to people and showing them the pathway to clarity. He is the author of 19 books!

On this episode with Richard Flint: what the breakdown of the American farm has to do with human behavior today, emotions travel in 3s, his thoughts on failure and doubt and the accountability circle.


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