How to Travel the World - Chris Christensen

podcast Apr 10, 2019

Chris is the travel blogger and podcaster at Amateur Traveler. He is an award winning travel journalist including being named the "Best Independent Travel Journalist" by Travel & Leisure Magazine in their annual SMITTY Awards. When he is not blogging or podcasting Chris is a "Silicon Valley nerd".

On this episode with Chris Christensen: traveling is usually safer than staying home (in most cases), tips on how to travel, a big tip to make the most of your trip.

Where you can find Chris:


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Avoid These Branding Mistakes - Dino Pacella

podcast Apr 08, 2019

Dino has built his brand across LinkedIn to over 36K followers by using his own personalised practical strategies and now wants to help others do the same through his Brand Accountability Coaching business.

He is the Founder of the National Finance Brokers Day, established in 2015 to build awareness of the broking industry throughout Australia and help educate consumers on the advantages of dealing with a broker along with the full service proposition that these professionals bring to the market place.

On this episode with Dino Pacella: the power of feedback, mistakes people make when they're building their brand, we ALL have a brand, your brand is you.

Where you can find Dino:


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How to REALLY be More Productive

podcast Apr 05, 2019

On this special episode, I am reading the ebook I released, How to REALLY be More Productive. This was a spur of the moment thing but I feel that there is so much here, I wanted to share it with you.


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The Challenges of Leadership - Andy Kaufman

podcast Apr 03, 2019

Andy Kaufman is a recognized expert on leadership and project management, helping organizations around the world improve their ability to lead and deliver. Andy works with leaders at the United Nations and other global clients to improve their ability to deliver on their initiatives. Before becoming an internationally sought-after speaker, Andy started as a software developer and was promoted into management for all the wrong reasons! He is the author of three books and host of the acclaimed People and Projects Podcast, which provides free PDUs through interviews and insights for his global listeners.


On this episode with Andy Kaufman: a secret for how to say no without saying no plus a power lesson from Lee Iacocca all leaders need to adopt.


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Clear Thinking - Mark Green

podcast Apr 01, 2019

Mark Green, author of Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done, is a speaker, strategic advisor and coach to CEOs and executive teams worldwide. He helps his clients escape the Growth Trap by implementing a proven, easy-to-use framework to run and grow the business faster and more profitably, while expending less effort and less time.


On this episode with Mark Green: the accumulation of knowledge is never good enough, hidden growth killers for clear thinking and the power of disengaging.


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How to Stop Procrastinating Now!

procrastination Mar 29, 2019

Procrastination is an enemy to your productivity. I would even say it is an epidemic in our world.

But all hope is not lost.

It is possible to stop procrastinating.

Just as in life, when it comes to learning how to conquer procrastination, there’s a lot to be said about simplicity.

The easier it is to understand a concept or strategy, the more likely are you to implement it.

Some statistics

In 1978, 5% of people admitted to chronic procrastination. Today that number exceeds 25%

According to a 2008 survey from Guru, 40% of people have experienced financial loss due to procrastination.

1 in 5 people procrastinates so badly that it may be jeopardizing their jobs, credit, relationships, and even their health.

In 2002, the total amount in tax overpayments caused by procrastination was $473 million (and that's just the United States).

A 2012 business survey determined that the cost per year for procrastination in business is $10,396 per employee.

Cost-benefit analysis

The reward for...

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How to Climb Every Day - Mark Steel

podcast Mar 27, 2019

Mark Steel is an international speaker, coach, podcast host, as well as an avid rock climber. Prior to starting his own business, Mark was a sales leader for Microsoft, focused on enterprise productivity. Through his speaking, coaching, and podcast, Mark inspires professionals to “Climb Every Day” to achieve a life of confidence, growth, success, and gratitude.


On this episode with Mark Steel: why it's important to climb every day, why people resist getting out of their comfort zone and the mistakes they make when they do plus the fallacy of failure.


Where you can find Mark:

Climb Every Day podcast



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Stress Less/Live More - Louise Reid

podcast Mar 25, 2019

Louise is an entrepreneur, Coach and Podcaster helping women desiring high performance AND happiness in all areas of their lives; women who are striving for excellence AND fulfillment. Looking at life and work goals through a holistic lens, Louise uses science and soul to help clients dream it, design it and do it - whatever phase of life they are at.


On this episode with Louise Reid: practical and easy-to-implement strategies on how to stress less and live more, we're on our own journey to becoming.


Where you can find Louise:


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5 Things That Affect Your Productivity

podcast Mar 22, 2019

There are so many things that affect your productivity. In this post, I'm going to discuss five of the most common and give you suggestions on how to deal with each.

The people you hang around

Everyone is being influenced by people. Most of the time this happens on a subconscious level.

Take an inventory of who you hang around and ask yourself, are they:

  • moving you toward your goals and dreams with positive encouragement and mentoring or
  • pulling you away from them by encouraging you to "take it easy"

Follow people who are productive. Read their books or blogs, listen to their podcast, purchase their courses, join their communities, invest in them.

Suggestion: reduce the amount of time you spend with those that are not encouraging you to be a better you. This may not be easy but you may need to get rid of those who are dragging you down - even if they've been in your life for yours.

What you are consuming

You are consuming things all day, every day: news, social media, gossip....

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Increasing Productivity for Production - Greg Corey

podcast Mar 20, 2019

Greg Corey is the founder and principal of Porchlight, an Atlanta-based design agency rooted in retail. He has over 25 years of experience in the creative industry, particularly in the retail sector, and has worked with an impressive array of clients, including The Home Depot, Newell-Rubbermaid, Yamaha, Husky, Genie, RIDGID, NASCAR and the Olympics.


On this episode with Greg Corey: the importance of having a WRITTEN process for production (and everywhere else), what a traffic manager is and why their role is critical to your and your team's productivity.


Where you can find Greg:


Facebook (Porchlight)


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