3 Ways to Control Your Email Inbox productivity Sep 27, 2019

Remember when email first came out?

You were so excited.

You didn't care what email you received. You just wanted an email.

Boy...the world has come a long way, hasn't it?

180 degrees.

Now you don't want any more email.

First of all, I don't see email going away anytime soon. I write that despite...

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Being Productive While Working at Home with 8 Kids and a Wife - Todd Westra podcast Sep 26, 2019

Todd and Mark talk about how to be productive at home with 8 kids, reactive/proactive blends, the first hour of the day, and discovery time.

His website

Click here to get my top 5 productivity tips!

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Social Media and Your Productivity productivity Sep 25, 2019

Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. YouTube. SnapChat.

What words or phrases popped into your mind when you read those words?

  • Pointless
  • Black hole
  • Necessary evil
  • Part of life
  • How I stay in touch with family/friends
  • Fun
  • Keeps me informed
  • How I grow
  • The future

I promise you that if I asked...

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Why We Aren't As Productive as We Want to Be - Dr Tracy Thomas podcast Sep 24, 2019

Dr. Tracy Thomas is an award winning psychologist, a best-selling author, Ted Speaker, and the world's leading expert on Emotional Strength Training. She knows how to get results, turning her clients into leaders who take charge of their own lives and change the very way they exist. She’s...
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How to be Productive in the Morning productivity Sep 24, 2019

Morning is a very sacred time of your day.

You have just awoken from a (hopefully) good night's sleep and you’re presented with a brand new day. A brand new opportunity.

What do you normally do when you first open your eyes? Or when your alarm goes off?

Do you linger under the covers in the...

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10 Ideas for More Productive Meetings podcast Sep 23, 2019

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What emotions do you feel when you hear that word?

Or when you’re invited to one?




Or maybe you experience physical issues like pain in your neck, head or elsewhere?

You’re not alone.

We’ve all...

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How to Manage Your Time Wisely productivity Sep 22, 2019

Time is the great equalizer.

It doesn’t care who you are, what color your skin, gender, education level is, whether you’re rich or poor or anything else.

Everyone gets 24 hours to spend every day however they choose.

It’s on you to spend your time wisely.

Here are FIVE ways to...

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From REactive to PROactive productivity Sep 21, 2019

Do you happen to your time...or do you let others happen to your time for you?

If you answered the former, then you are operating in REactive mode. In this article, I am going to tell you why it is critical you begin to operate in PROactive mode and how you can start.


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