Planners, Planners, and Planners...OH MY! productivity Aug 16, 2021

Planners, planners, and planners, oh my.

I get asked about planners all the time, "Mark, what planner should I use? Should it be paper? Should it be electronic?"

The main takeaway: use what works for you.

Paper versus electronic

I'm 56 years young, and I remember I was so excited when everything started going electronic. I loved it. I got ebooks and apps on my phone and my iPad, and my desktop. I was like, who needs paper?

Now, I have fallen back in love with paper. I love paper. I love...

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How to Take Your Life to a Whole 'Notha Level books motivation Aug 16, 2021

I like to read.

A lot.

In 2018 (the first year I started tracking the books I read), I read 43 books.

2019, 34.

And in 2020, 37.

In 2021, I read 45 books.

As much as I like reading, not all books are good. But a few are GREAT!

One great book I've listened to three times and have read twice is Grant Cardone's bestselling book, The 10X Rule (affiliate link).

Except for the Bible (the best book ever written), I've not read another book more than twice.

So, me consuming The...

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Why Time Management is Not Important time management Aug 14, 2021

According to Wikipedia, time management is "the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities."

And as a productivity expert and trainer, you may be confused by reading that I think time management is a waste of, dare I say it, time!

Yes, you did read that correctly.

I think that time management is not important.

Well, it's not as important as...doing the right things.

I believe that Pareto's Principle is alive and well in nearly...

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A Million Dollar (Or More) Idea Aug 12, 2021

I find it interesting how one little thing can lead to something unexpectantly pleasant.

Two stories

Recently, I attended a free Grant Cardone training during which he mentioned a show he was on called Undercover Billionaire on Discovery +. 

As a fan of Grant (who has taught me so much), I decided to check the show out.

After watching the first episode of the second season (the one where he is one of three billionaires featured), I realized that this wasn't a show.

It was a...

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Detours life Aug 10, 2021

I heard something in church recently that was so good, that I felt compelled to share it with you.

Dr. Ben Young preached an incredible sermon on life-altering events or what he referred to as LAEs (life-altering events)

He said that LAEs cause detours in our lives.

But we're not supposed to ignore these detours.


Because they’re there for a reason.

You have 3 choices when you experience an LAE and the subsequent detour, you have three options:

  1. Deny it’s there
  2. Allow...
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Over 900 Episodes (And Counting) podcast podcasting Aug 02, 2021

July 7, 2017, was 1,487 days ago.

That's the day I launched The Mark Struczewski Podcast to the world.

As of August 2, 2021, I've released 908 episodes.


Sixty-five percent of the episodes have featured interviews with some of the fascinating people on the planet Earth.

The podcast probably wouldn't be a thing had it not been for Gary Vaynerchuk.

In the Spring of 2017, I heard Gary say, "the future is going to be audio and need to start a podcast."

If you don't...

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I'm Not Sorry sorry Aug 01, 2021

"What are you sorry for?"

I can hear my mother saying those words to me today though she said them many years ago.

The chances are excellent that I had just done something stupid (I was a kid, after all) and had gotten in trouble and was pleading with Mom by saying, "I'm sorry" over and over and over.

In all likelihood, this pleading occurred right before a spanking (this was back in the 1960s and 1970s when this was not frowned upon like it is today).

How many times have you said "I'm sorry"...

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The Challenge of Summer motivation Jul 24, 2021

Ah, summer!

As a Houston, Texas resident since 1997, I have had a love/hate relationship with this time of year.

I'm writing this on Saturday, July 24, 2021.

The temperature will soar to 96 today with a heat index (what the heat will feel like on the human body) of 106.

Shortly after I post this, around 7:15 am, I'll be heading out on my daily run.

Today will be my 1,426th consecutive day of running at least one mile.

Summers are, well, I don't particularly appreciate running during the...

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This Happened When I Got Into the Shower inspiration Jul 18, 2021

It nearly always happens.

I get in the shower, and...the ideas start-a-flowin'!

Why couldn't the ideas come to me before I hop in the shower?

You know...when I can write them down!

This is just one of those mysteries of life we'll never understand.

And that's okay.

So, when I stepped into the shower recently, the idea for this post popped into my brain.

As the water rained over me.

Too late to step back out, dry off, and write the idea down now.

could have, but I decided I would...

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The Struggle with Patience patience Jul 14, 2021

This post is not for you.

It's for me.

Because I'm struggling with being patient at the moment, I need to clear my head.

And I do that by writing.

I know life is more like slow-cooking barbeque all day on a grill than using a microwave or an InstantPot.

But, my glory!

Here are just a few things I'm struggling with at the moment:

  1. losing weight. I want to lose a mere 16 pounds. Of course, it doesn't help that I keep eating !
  2. growing my email list (if you join, you'll get my top 5...
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I'm so Confused confused social media Jul 10, 2021

Before I share why I am confused, let me give you the backstory.

Before April 2021, I was active on every imaginable social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. And that's not even listing the ones I used to be on but are no more (I'm talking to you, Myspace!).

Then I watched the Netflix documentary so many people have told me I needed to, The Social Dilemma, which scared the out of me. I promptly deleted Instagram, Twitter,...

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How to Deal with People productivity Jul 08, 2021

Dealing with people can be a joy, but it can also be challenging.

In this post, I will share three simple ideas for how you can deal with people.

1. Boundaries

Many people I deal with as clients or people who DM me on social media feel like they're doormats, and they're the ones to whom everyone brings their problems. People stop by their offices, DM, call, or send emails. Why? Because they have not established any boundaries.


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