7 Ways to Improve Your Mindset mindset May 09, 2022

You might have heard that attitude is everything. 

Mindset is critical to your success in life and your productivity. 

The definition of mindset is the established set of attitudes held by a person. 

Everyone has a mindset, which may not be a positive one, but everyone has a mindset. 

Here are seven ways to improve your mindset. 

Choose your mindset.

Hope is not a strategy. Intentionally choose your mindset. What kind of mindset do you have when you wake up in the...

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4 Ways to Deal with Negativity mindset negativity Feb 14, 2022

Got negativity?

That's not a rhetorical question.

Do you have negativity?

You may not want negativity, but negativity is everywhere if you're a human being on planet Earth. And you have to fight hard to avoid it. But while you can't altogether avoid it, you can minimize how much negativity is affecting you.

Here are four ideas on how you can dramatically reduce the amount of negativity you are experiencing.

Number one: reduce the amount of negativity you're consuming.

And not just the...

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5 Ways to Break Through Mindset Distractions mindset podcast May 24, 2019

Distractions are everywhere.

Social media.


Text/instant messaging.


Entertainment (television, video games, etc.)

Life (traffic, construction, dogs barking...the list goes on).

Distractions also come in many different flavors.

But a distraction you might not have thought about is the topic of this video: you or your mindset.

Yes, you could be getting in your own way of getting things done. Of being productive.

In this video, I discuss FIVE ways your mindset is hampering your...

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