How I’m Reading Books in 2021 books podcast reading Jan 03, 2021

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For years, I've had a standing goal to read 52 books every year. But I recently learned something that has me re-thinking that.

The 5 AM Club, The: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life. (Robin Sharma)

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My Top 5 Books of All-Time (So Far) books reading Nov 15, 2019

I love reading or listening to audiobooks.

In fact, my dream job would be to just read books every day, all day and then either write articles or create videos about what I've read.

But wait...there's more.

I'd like to be paid one million dollars a month to so and to be able to travel the world, staying in the nicest hotels and eating the best food and meeting the best people on this planet of ours. All expenses paid.

Okay...I'll buy the books!

Seriously, I love books. Which is odd because I...

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