How to Become an Eventual Millionaire - Jaime Masters motivation success Jun 18, 2021

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From the archives (May 6, 2019): Jaime Masters is a Business Coach // Keynote Speaker // Best Selling Author and Host of the popular "Eventual Millionaire Podcast" - where she’s interviewed almost 500 self-made multimillionaire entrepreneurs. She’s also been featured on: CNNMoney, Yahoo's homepage (6x), Business Insider, Inc, CNN Newsroom, Entrepreneur, Fox Business News, and Success Magazine.

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Rewiring Your Brain for Success - Nicole Laino beliefs mindset success May 28, 2021

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Nicole Laino is a startup Founder, Business & Mindset Coach, and the host of the Limitless Entrepreneur Podcast. She helps entrepreneurs eliminate limiting beliefs and expand their mindset so they can become limitless.

Mark Struczewski
Nicole, welcome to the show.

Nicole Laino
Hi, Mark, how are you?

Mark Struczewski
I am awesome. I am so super stoked that you're here. And I'll tell you why. Because I've been talking a lot about...

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Hurry Up and Let's Talk About Patience life patience success May 16, 2021

So let's talk about patience today, shall we? 

Very interesting that I'm talking about this today because my patience is a little thin at this moment in time. And the reason why is a whole bunch of things happened. Some things I expected, some things I didn't. Like one of the websites I use is currently down. So my day is kind of off so far. 

And I'm like, "Huh, I said I was going to talk about patience on the show today, and here I am very impatient." 

I struggle with...

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The 3-Letter Word That Powers Success success May 10, 2021

I want to talk to you about a three-letter word that is so powerful that I see a lot of people not really talking about it. We need to talk about it out in the open.

That word is why.

You probably say why a lot during the day. "Why is the traffic's so bad?" "Why is my Starbucks coffee not on time"? "Why is Uber Eats late"?" Why is my TV reception coming in poorly"? Why is my podcast not downloaded"? We're always asking why.

When I became a productivity expert way back in 2011, I was all about...

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15 Productivity Habits of Successful People habits podcast productivity success Jun 08, 2020

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No, worries! There's no need for you to wonder or try to figure it out for yourself.

I did the research for you and discovered 15 productivity habits of successful people.

1. They know what brings them the biggest return on investment of their time. Ask yourself: what do you have to do (high-value work) and what can you outsource (busy work)? Successful...

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